Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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rt2x00dump.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  rt2x00dump_hdr




enum  rt2x00_dump_type { DUMP_FRAME_RXDONE = 1, DUMP_FRAME_TX = 2, DUMP_FRAME_TXDONE = 3, DUMP_FRAME_BEACON = 4 }

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Definition at line 111 of file rt2x00dump.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

DOC: Introduction

This header is intended to be exported to userspace, to make the structures and enumerations available to userspace applications. This means that all data types should be exportable.

When rt2x00 is compiled with debugfs support enabled, it is possible to capture all data coming in and out of the device by reading the frame dump file. This file can have only a single reader. The following frames will be reported:

  • All incoming frames (rx)
  • All outgoing frames (tx, including beacon and atim)
  • All completed frames (txdone including atim)

The data is send to the file using the following format:

[rt2x00dump header][hardware descriptor][ieee802.11 frame]

rt2x00dump header: The description of the dumped frame, as well as additional information useful for debugging. See &rt2x00dump_hdr. hardware descriptor: Descriptor that was used to receive or transmit the frame. ieee802.11 frame: The actual frame that was received or transmitted. enum rt2x00_dump_type - Frame type

These values are used for the member of &rt2x00dump_hdr. : This frame has been received by the hardware. : This frame is queued for transmission to the hardware. : This frame indicates the device has handled the tx event which has either succeeded or failed. A frame with this type should also have been reported with as a DUMP_FRAME_TX frame. : This beacon frame is queued for transmission to the hardware.


Definition at line 73 of file rt2x00dump.h.