Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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smberr.h File Reference

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#define SUCCESS   0x00 /* The request was successful. */
#define ERRDOS   0x01 /* Error is from the core DOS operating system set */
#define ERRSRV   0x02 /* Error is generated by the file server daemon */
#define ERRHRD   0x03 /* Error is a hardware error. */
#define ERRCMD   0xFF /* Command was not in the "SMB" format. */
#define ERRbadfunc
#define ERRbadfile
#define ERRbadpath
#define ERRnofids
#define ERRnoaccess
#define ERRbadfid
#define ERRbadmcb   7 /* Memory control blocks destroyed. */
#define ERRnomem
#define ERRbadmem   9 /* Invalid memory block address. */
#define ERRbadenv   10 /* Invalid environment. */
#define ERRbadformat   11 /* Invalid format. */
#define ERRbadaccess   12 /* Invalid open mode. */
#define ERRbaddata
#define ERRbaddrive   15 /* Invalid drive specified. */
#define ERRremcd
#define ERRdiffdevice
#define ERRnofiles
#define ERRwriteprot   19 /* media is write protected */
#define ERRgeneral   31
#define ERRbadshare
#define ERRlock
#define ERRunsup   50
#define ERRnosuchshare   67
#define ERRfilexists
#define ERRinvparm   87
#define ERRdiskfull   112
#define ERRinvname   123
#define ERRinvlevel   124
#define ERRdirnotempty   145
#define ERRnotlocked   158
#define ERRcancelviolation   173
#define ERRalreadyexists   183
#define ERRbadpipe   230
#define ERRpipebusy   231
#define ERRpipeclosing   232
#define ERRnotconnected   233
#define ERRmoredata   234
#define ERReasnotsupported   282
#define ErrQuota
#define ErrNotALink
#define ERRsymlink   0xFFFD
#define ErrTooManyLinks   0xFFFE
#define ERRerror
#define ERRbadpw
#define ERRbadtype
#define ERRaccess
#define ERRinvtid
#define ERRinvnetname
#define ERRinvdevice
#define ERRqfull
#define ERRqtoobig   50 /* Print queue full -- no space. */
#define ERRqeof   51 /* EOF on print queue dump */
#define ERRinvpfid   52 /* Invalid print file FID. */
#define ERRsmbcmd
#define ERRsrverror
#define ERRbadBID   66 /* (obsolete) */
#define ERRfilespecs
#define ERRbadLink   68 /* (obsolete) */
#define ERRbadpermits
#define ERRbadPID   70
#define ERRsetattrmode   71 /* attribute (mode) is invalid */
#define ERRpaused   81 /* Server is paused */
#define ERRmsgoff   82 /* reserved - messaging off */
#define ERRnoroom   83 /* reserved - no room for message */
#define ERRrmuns   87 /* reserved - too many remote names */
#define ERRtimeout   88 /* operation timed out */
#define ERRnoresource
#define ERRtoomanyuids
#define ERRbaduid
#define ERRusempx   250 /* temporarily unable to use raw */
#define ERRusestd
#define ERR_NOTIFY_ENUM_DIR   1024
#define ERRnoSuchUser   2238 /* user account does not exist */
#define ERRaccountexpired   2239
#define ERRbadclient   2240 /* can not logon from this client */
#define ERRbadLogonTime   2241 /* logon hours do not allow this */
#define ERRpasswordExpired   2242
#define ERRnetlogonNotStarted   2455
#define ERRnosupport   0xFFFF

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ERR_NOTIFY_ENUM_DIR   1024

Definition at line 114 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRaccess
4 /* The client does not have the
necessary access rights within the
specified context for requested
function. */

Definition at line 88 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRaccountexpired   2239

Definition at line 116 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRalreadyexists   183

Definition at line 68 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadaccess   12 /* Invalid open mode. */

Definition at line 48 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadBID   66 /* (obsolete) */

Definition at line 98 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadclient   2240 /* can not logon from this client */

Definition at line 117 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbaddata
13 /* Invalid data (generated only by
IOCTL calls within the server). */

Definition at line 49 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbaddrive   15 /* Invalid drive specified. */

Definition at line 50 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadenv   10 /* Invalid environment. */

Definition at line 46 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadfid
6 /* Invalid file handle. The file handle
specified was not recognized by the
server. */

Definition at line 42 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadfile
2 /* File not found. The last component
of a file's pathname could not be
found. */

Definition at line 38 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadformat   11 /* Invalid format. */

Definition at line 47 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadfunc
1 /* Invalid function. The server did not
recognize or could not perform a
system call generated by the server,
e.g., set the DIRECTORY attribute on
a data file, invalid seek mode. */

Definition at line 37 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadLink   68 /* (obsolete) */

Definition at line 100 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadLogonTime   2241 /* logon hours do not allow this */

Definition at line 118 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadmcb   7 /* Memory control blocks destroyed. */

Definition at line 43 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadmem   9 /* Invalid memory block address. */

Definition at line 45 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadpath
3 /* Directory invalid. A directory
component in a pathname could not be
found. */

Definition at line 39 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadpermits
69 /* The access permissions specified for
a file or directory are not a valid
combination. */

Definition at line 101 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadPID   70

Definition at line 102 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadpipe   230

Definition at line 69 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadpw
2 /* Bad password - name/password pair in
a TreeConnect or Session Setup are
invalid. */

Definition at line 86 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadshare
32 /* The sharing mode specified for an
Open conflicts with existing FIDs on
the file. */

Definition at line 56 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbadtype
3 /* used for indicating DFS referral
needed */

Definition at line 87 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRbaduid
91 /* The UID is not known as a valid user

Definition at line 111 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRcancelviolation   173

Definition at line 67 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRCMD   0xFF /* Command was not in the "SMB" format. */

Definition at line 29 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRdiffdevice
17 /* Not same device (e.g., a cross
volume rename was attempted */

Definition at line 52 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRdirnotempty   145

Definition at line 65 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRdiskfull   112

Definition at line 62 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRDOS   0x01 /* Error is from the core DOS operating system set */

Definition at line 26 of file smberr.h.

#define ERReasnotsupported   282

Definition at line 74 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRerror
1 /* Non-specific error code. It is
returned under the following
conditions: resource other than disk
space exhausted (e.g. TIDs), first
SMB command was not negotiate,
multiple negotiates attempted, and
internal server error. */

Definition at line 85 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRfilespecs
67 /* The Fid and pathname parameters
contained an invalid combination of
values. */

Definition at line 99 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRfilexists
80 /* The file named in the request
already exists. */

Definition at line 60 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRgeneral   31

Definition at line 55 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRHRD   0x03 /* Error is a hardware error. */

Definition at line 28 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRinvdevice
7 /* Invalid device - printer request
made to non-printer connection or
non-printer request made to printer
connection. */

Definition at line 91 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRinvlevel   124

Definition at line 64 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRinvname   123

Definition at line 63 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRinvnetname
6 /* Invalid network name in tree
connect. */

Definition at line 90 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRinvparm   87

Definition at line 61 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRinvpfid   52 /* Invalid print file FID. */

Definition at line 95 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRinvtid
5 /* The Tid specified in a command was
invalid. */

Definition at line 89 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRlock
33 /* A Lock request conflicted with an
existing lock or specified an
invalid mode, or an Unlock requested
attempted to remove a lock held by
another process. */

Definition at line 57 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRmoredata   234

Definition at line 73 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRmsgoff   82 /* reserved - messaging off */

Definition at line 105 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRnetlogonNotStarted   2455

Definition at line 120 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRnoaccess
5 /* Access denied, the client's context
does not permit the requested
function. This includes the
following conditions: invalid rename
command, write to Fid open for read
only, read on Fid open for write
only, attempt to delete a non-empty
directory */

Definition at line 41 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRnofids
4 /* Too many open files. The server has
no file handles available. */

Definition at line 40 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRnofiles
18 /* A File Search command can find no
more files matching the specified
criteria. */

Definition at line 53 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRnomem
8 /* Insufficient server memory to
perform the requested function. */

Definition at line 44 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRnoresource
89 /* No resources available for request

Definition at line 109 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRnoroom   83 /* reserved - no room for message */

Definition at line 106 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRnosuchshare   67

Definition at line 59 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRnoSuchUser   2238 /* user account does not exist */

Definition at line 115 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRnosupport   0xFFFF

Definition at line 121 of file smberr.h.

#define ErrNotALink
0x201 /* A link operation was performed on a
pathname that was not a link. */

Definition at line 76 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRnotconnected   233

Definition at line 72 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRnotlocked   158

Definition at line 66 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRpasswordExpired   2242

Definition at line 119 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRpaused   81 /* Server is paused */

Definition at line 104 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRpipebusy   231

Definition at line 70 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRpipeclosing   232

Definition at line 71 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRqeof   51 /* EOF on print queue dump */

Definition at line 94 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRqfull
49 /* Print queue full (files) -- returned
by open print file. */

Definition at line 92 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRqtoobig   50 /* Print queue full -- no space. */

Definition at line 93 of file smberr.h.

#define ErrQuota
0x200 /* The operation would cause a quota
limit to be exceeded. */

Definition at line 75 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRremcd
16 /* A Delete Directory request attempted
to remove the server's current
directory. */

Definition at line 51 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRrmuns   87 /* reserved - too many remote names */

Definition at line 107 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRsetattrmode   71 /* attribute (mode) is invalid */

Definition at line 103 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRsmbcmd
64 /* The server did not recognize the
command received. */

Definition at line 96 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRSRV   0x02 /* Error is generated by the file server daemon */

Definition at line 27 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRsrverror
65 /* The server encountered an internal
error, e.g., system file
unavailable. */

Definition at line 97 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRsymlink   0xFFFD

Definition at line 80 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRtimeout   88 /* operation timed out */

Definition at line 108 of file smberr.h.

#define ErrTooManyLinks   0xFFFE

Definition at line 81 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRtoomanyuids
90 /* Too many UIDs active on this session

Definition at line 110 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRunsup   50

Definition at line 58 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRusempx   250 /* temporarily unable to use raw */

Definition at line 112 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRusestd
251 /* temporarily unable to use either raw
or mpx */

Definition at line 113 of file smberr.h.

#define ERRwriteprot   19 /* media is write protected */

Definition at line 54 of file smberr.h.

#define SUCCESS   0x00 /* The request was successful. */

Definition at line 25 of file smberr.h.