Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
cfg80211_deauth_request Struct Reference

#include <cfg80211.h>

Data Fields

const u8bssid
const u8ie
size_t ie_len
u16 reason_code
bool local_state_change

Detailed Description

struct cfg80211_deauth_request - Deauthentication request data

This structure provides information needed to complete IEEE 802.11 deauthentication.

: the BSSID of the BSS to deauthenticate from : Extra IEs to add to Deauthentication frame or NULL : Length of ie buffer in octets : The reason code for the deauthentication

Definition at line 1216 of file cfg80211.h.

Field Documentation

const u8* bssid

Definition at line 1217 of file cfg80211.h.

const u8* ie

Definition at line 1218 of file cfg80211.h.

Definition at line 1219 of file cfg80211.h.

bool local_state_change

Definition at line 1221 of file cfg80211.h.

u16 reason_code

Definition at line 1220 of file cfg80211.h.

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