Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
compat_ncp_mount_data_v4 Struct Reference

Data Fields

compat_int_t version
compat_ulong_t flags
compat_ulong_t mounted_uid
compat_long_t wdog_pid
compat_uint_t ncp_fd
compat_uint_t time_out
compat_uint_t retry_count
compat_ulong_t uid
compat_ulong_t gid
compat_ulong_t file_mode
compat_ulong_t dir_mode

Detailed Description

Definition at line 652 of file compat.c.

Field Documentation

compat_ulong_t dir_mode

Definition at line 663 of file compat.c.

compat_ulong_t file_mode

Definition at line 662 of file compat.c.

Definition at line 654 of file compat.c.

Definition at line 661 of file compat.c.

compat_ulong_t mounted_uid

Definition at line 655 of file compat.c.

compat_uint_t ncp_fd

Definition at line 657 of file compat.c.

compat_uint_t retry_count

Definition at line 659 of file compat.c.

compat_uint_t time_out

Definition at line 658 of file compat.c.

Definition at line 660 of file compat.c.

compat_int_t version

Definition at line 653 of file compat.c.

compat_long_t wdog_pid

Definition at line 656 of file compat.c.

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