Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
drm_agp_info Struct Reference

#include <drm.h>

Data Fields

int agp_version_major
int agp_version_minor
unsigned long mode
unsigned long aperture_base
unsigned long aperture_size
unsigned long memory_allowed
unsigned long memory_used
unsigned short id_vendor
unsigned short id_device

Detailed Description

DRM_IOCTL_AGP_INFO ioctl argument type.

See Also
drmAgpVersionMajor(), drmAgpVersionMinor(), drmAgpGetMode(), drmAgpBase(), drmAgpSize(), drmAgpMemoryUsed(), drmAgpMemoryAvail(), drmAgpVendorId() and drmAgpDeviceId().

Definition at line 554 of file drm.h.

Field Documentation

int agp_version_major

Definition at line 555 of file drm.h.

int agp_version_minor

Definition at line 556 of file drm.h.

unsigned long aperture_base

Definition at line 558 of file drm.h.

unsigned long aperture_size

Definition at line 559 of file drm.h.

unsigned short id_device

Definition at line 565 of file drm.h.

unsigned short id_vendor

Definition at line 564 of file drm.h.

unsigned long memory_allowed

Definition at line 560 of file drm.h.

unsigned long memory_used

Definition at line 561 of file drm.h.

unsigned long mode

Definition at line 557 of file drm.h.

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