Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Public Types | Data Fields
drm_buf_desc Struct Reference

#include <drm.h>

Public Types

enum  {
  _DRM_PAGE_ALIGN = 0x01, _DRM_AGP_BUFFER = 0x02, _DRM_SG_BUFFER = 0x04, _DRM_FB_BUFFER = 0x08,

Data Fields

int count
int size
int low_mark
int high_mark
enum drm_buf_desc:: { ... }  flags
unsigned long agp_start

Detailed Description

DRM_IOCTL_ADD_BUFS and DRM_IOCTL_MARK_BUFS ioctl argument type.

See Also

Definition at line 325 of file drm.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Align on page boundaries for DMA


Buffer is in AGP space


Scatter/gather memory buffer


Buffer is in frame buffer


Map PCI DMA buffer read-only

Definition at line 330 of file drm.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned long agp_start

Start address of where the AGP buffers are in the AGP aperture

Definition at line 337 of file drm.h.

int count

Number of buffers of this size

Definition at line 326 of file drm.h.

enum { ... } flags
int high_mark

High water mark

Definition at line 329 of file drm.h.

int low_mark

Low water mark

Definition at line 328 of file drm.h.

int size

Size in bytes

Definition at line 327 of file drm.h.

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