Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
drxk_config Struct Reference

#include <drxk.h>

Data Fields

u8 adr
bool single_master
bool no_i2c_bridge
bool parallel_ts
bool dynamic_clk
bool enable_merr_cfg
bool load_firmware_sync
bool antenna_dvbt
u16 antenna_gpio
u8 mpeg_out_clk_strength
int chunk_size
const charmicrocode_name
int qam_demod_parameter_count

Detailed Description

struct drxk_config - Configure the initial parameters for DRX-K

: I2C Address of the DRX-K : True means that the device uses parallel TS, Serial otherwise. : True means that the clock will be dynamically adjusted. Static clock otherwise. : Enable SIO_PDR_PERR_CFG/SIO_PDR_MVAL_CFG. : Device is on the single master mode : Don't switch the I2C bridge to talk with tuner : GPIO bit used to control the antenna : GPIO bit for changing antenna to DVB-C. A value of 1 means that 1=DVBC, 0 = DVBT. Zero means the opposite. : DRXK Mpeg output clock drive strength. : Name of the firmware file with the microcode : The number of parameters used for the command to set the demodulator parameters. All firmwares are using the 2-parameter commmand. An exception is the "" firmware, which uses the 4-parameter command. A value of 0 (default) or lower indicates that the correct number of parameters will be automatically detected. : Force the firmware load to be synchronous.

On the *_gpio vars, bit 0 is UIO-1, bit 1 is UIO-2 and bit 2 is UIO-3.

Definition at line 36 of file drxk.h.

Field Documentation

u8 adr

Definition at line 37 of file drxk.h.

bool antenna_dvbt

Definition at line 45 of file drxk.h.

u16 antenna_gpio

Definition at line 46 of file drxk.h.

int chunk_size

Definition at line 49 of file drxk.h.

bool dynamic_clk

Definition at line 41 of file drxk.h.

bool enable_merr_cfg

Definition at line 42 of file drxk.h.

bool load_firmware_sync

Definition at line 43 of file drxk.h.

const char* microcode_name

Definition at line 51 of file drxk.h.

u8 mpeg_out_clk_strength

Definition at line 48 of file drxk.h.

bool no_i2c_bridge

Definition at line 39 of file drxk.h.

bool parallel_ts

Definition at line 40 of file drxk.h.

int qam_demod_parameter_count

Definition at line 52 of file drxk.h.

bool single_master

Definition at line 38 of file drxk.h.

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