Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
ethtool_rxfh_indir Struct Reference

#include <ethtool.h>

Data Fields

__u32 cmd
__u32 size
__u32 ring_index [0]

Detailed Description

struct ethtool_rxfh_indir - command to get or set RX flow hash indirection : Specific command number - ETHTOOL_GRXFHINDIR or ETHTOOL_SRXFHINDIR : On entry, the array size of the user buffer, which may be zero. On return from ETHTOOL_GRXFHINDIR, the array size of the hardware indirection table. : RX ring/queue index for each hash value

For ETHTOOL_GRXFHINDIR, a of zero means that only the size should be returned. For ETHTOOL_SRXFHINDIR, a of zero means the table should be reset to default values. This last feature is not supported by the original implementations.

Definition at line 612 of file ethtool.h.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 613 of file ethtool.h.

__u32 ring_index[0]

Definition at line 615 of file ethtool.h.

__u32 size

Definition at line 614 of file ethtool.h.

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