Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
fsf_bit_error_payload Struct Reference

#include <zfcp_fsf.h>

Data Fields

u32 res1
u32 link_failure_error_count
u32 loss_of_sync_error_count
u32 loss_of_signal_error_count
u32 primitive_sequence_error_count
u32 invalid_transmission_word_error_count
u32 crc_error_count
u32 primitive_sequence_event_timeout_count
u32 elastic_buffer_overrun_error_count
u32 fcal_arbitration_timeout_count
u32 advertised_receive_b2b_credit
u32 current_receive_b2b_credit
u32 advertised_transmit_b2b_credit
u32 current_transmit_b2b_credit

Detailed Description

Definition at line 207 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

Field Documentation

u32 advertised_receive_b2b_credit

Definition at line 218 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

u32 advertised_transmit_b2b_credit

Definition at line 220 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

u32 crc_error_count

Definition at line 214 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

u32 current_receive_b2b_credit

Definition at line 219 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

u32 current_transmit_b2b_credit

Definition at line 221 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

u32 elastic_buffer_overrun_error_count

Definition at line 216 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

u32 fcal_arbitration_timeout_count

Definition at line 217 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

u32 invalid_transmission_word_error_count

Definition at line 213 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

u32 link_failure_error_count

Definition at line 209 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

u32 loss_of_signal_error_count

Definition at line 211 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

u32 loss_of_sync_error_count

Definition at line 210 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

u32 primitive_sequence_error_count

Definition at line 212 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

u32 primitive_sequence_event_timeout_count

Definition at line 215 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

u32 res1

Definition at line 208 of file zfcp_fsf.h.

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