Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
ieee80211_bss_conf Struct Reference

#include <mac80211.h>

Data Fields

const u8bssid
bool assoc
bool ibss_joined
u16 aid
bool use_cts_prot
bool use_short_preamble
bool use_short_slot
bool enable_beacon
u8 dtim_period
u16 beacon_int
u16 assoc_capability
u64 sync_tsf
u32 sync_device_ts
u32 basic_rates
int mcast_rate [IEEE80211_NUM_BANDS]
u16 ht_operation_mode
s32 cqm_rssi_thold
u32 cqm_rssi_hyst
enum nl80211_channel_type channel_type
__be32 arp_addr_list [IEEE80211_BSS_ARP_ADDR_LIST_LEN]
u8 arp_addr_cnt
bool arp_filter_enabled
bool qos
bool idle
bool ps
u8 ssid [IEEE80211_MAX_SSID_LEN]
size_t ssid_len
bool hidden_ssid

Detailed Description

struct ieee80211_bss_conf - holds the BSS's changing parameters

This structure keeps information about a BSS (and an association to that BSS) that can change during the lifetime of the BSS.

: association status : indicates whether this station is part of an IBSS or not : association ID number, valid only when is true : use CTS protection : use 802.11b short preamble; if the hardware cannot handle this it must set the IEEE80211_HW_2GHZ_SHORT_PREAMBLE_INCAPABLE hardware flag : use short slot time (only relevant for ERP); if the hardware cannot handle this it must set the IEEE80211_HW_2GHZ_SHORT_SLOT_INCAPABLE hardware flag : num of beacons before the next DTIM, for beaconing, valid in station mode only while is true and if also requested by IEEE80211_HW_NEED_DTIM_PERIOD (cf. also hw conf ) : last beacon's/probe response's TSF timestamp (could be old as it may have been received during scanning long ago) : the device timestamp corresponding to the sync_tsf, the driver/device can use this to calculate synchronisation : beacon interval : capabilities taken from assoc resp : bitmap of basic rates, each bit stands for an index into the rate table configured by the driver in the current band. : per-band multicast rate index + 1 (0: disabled) : The BSSID for this BSS : whether beaconing should be enabled or not : Channel type for this BSS – the hardware might be configured for HT40+ while this BSS only uses no-HT, for example. : HT operation mode like in &struct ieee80211_ht_operation. This field is only valid when the channel type is one of the HT types. : Connection quality monitor RSSI threshold, a zero value implies disabled : Connection quality monitor RSSI hysteresis : List of IPv4 addresses for hardware ARP filtering. The may filter ARP queries targeted for other addresses than listed here. The driver must allow ARP queries targeted for all address listed here to pass through. An empty list implies no ARP queries need to pass. : Number of addresses currently on the list. : Enable ARP filtering - if enabled, the hardware may filter ARP queries based on the , if disabled, the hardware must not perform any ARP filtering. Note, that the filter will be enabled also in promiscuous mode. : This is a QoS-enabled BSS. : This interface is idle. There's also a global idle flag in the hardware config which may be more appropriate depending on what your driver/device needs to do. : power-save mode (STA only). This flag is NOT affected by offchannel/dynamic_ps operations. : The SSID of the current vif. Only valid in AP-mode. : Length of SSID given in . : The SSID of the current vif is hidden. Only valid in AP-mode.

Definition at line 277 of file mac80211.h.

Field Documentation

u16 aid

Definition at line 281 of file mac80211.h.

u8 arp_addr_cnt

Definition at line 299 of file mac80211.h.

Definition at line 298 of file mac80211.h.

bool arp_filter_enabled

Definition at line 300 of file mac80211.h.

bool assoc

Definition at line 280 of file mac80211.h.

u16 assoc_capability

Definition at line 289 of file mac80211.h.

u32 basic_rates

Definition at line 292 of file mac80211.h.

u16 beacon_int

Definition at line 288 of file mac80211.h.

const u8* bssid

Definition at line 278 of file mac80211.h.

Definition at line 297 of file mac80211.h.

u32 cqm_rssi_hyst

Definition at line 296 of file mac80211.h.

s32 cqm_rssi_thold

Definition at line 295 of file mac80211.h.

u8 dtim_period

Definition at line 287 of file mac80211.h.

bool enable_beacon

Definition at line 286 of file mac80211.h.

bool hidden_ssid

Definition at line 306 of file mac80211.h.

u16 ht_operation_mode

Definition at line 294 of file mac80211.h.

bool ibss_joined

Definition at line 280 of file mac80211.h.

bool idle

Definition at line 302 of file mac80211.h.

int mcast_rate[IEEE80211_NUM_BANDS]

Definition at line 293 of file mac80211.h.

bool ps

Definition at line 303 of file mac80211.h.

bool qos

Definition at line 301 of file mac80211.h.

Definition at line 304 of file mac80211.h.

size_t ssid_len

Definition at line 305 of file mac80211.h.

u32 sync_device_ts

Definition at line 291 of file mac80211.h.

u64 sync_tsf

Definition at line 290 of file mac80211.h.

bool use_cts_prot

Definition at line 283 of file mac80211.h.

bool use_short_preamble

Definition at line 284 of file mac80211.h.

bool use_short_slot

Definition at line 285 of file mac80211.h.

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