Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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ioc4_misc_regs Struct Reference

#include <ioc4.h>

Data Structures

union  ioc4_gpcr
union  ioc4_gpdr
union  ioc4_gppr
union  ioc4_int_out
union  ioc4_other_int
union  ioc4_pci_err_addr_l
union  ioc4_sio_cr
union  ioc4_sio_int

Data Fields

uint32_t pci_err_addr_h
union ioc4_misc_regs::ioc4_sio_int sio_ir
union ioc4_sio_int sio_ies
union ioc4_other_int other_ies
union ioc4_sio_int sio_iec
union ioc4_other_int other_iec
union ioc4_misc_regs::ioc4_sio_cr sio_cr
uint32_t unused1
union ioc4_misc_regs::ioc4_int_out int_out
uint32_t unused2
union ioc4_misc_regs::ioc4_gpcr gpcr_s
union ioc4_gpcr gpcr_c
union ioc4_misc_regs::ioc4_gpdr gpdr
uint32_t unused3
union ioc4_misc_regs::ioc4_gppr gppr [8]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file ioc4.h.

Field Documentation

union ioc4_gpcr gpcr_c

Definition at line 112 of file ioc4.h.

union ioc4_other_int other_iec

Definition at line 78 of file ioc4.h.

union ioc4_other_int other_ies

Definition at line 76 of file ioc4.h.

uint32_t pci_err_addr_h

Definition at line 49 of file ioc4.h.

union ioc4_sio_int sio_iec

Definition at line 77 of file ioc4.h.

union ioc4_sio_int sio_ies

Definition at line 75 of file ioc4.h.

uint32_t unused1

Definition at line 90 of file ioc4.h.

uint32_t unused2

Definition at line 101 of file ioc4.h.

uint32_t unused3

Definition at line 120 of file ioc4.h.

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