Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
lgdt3305_config Struct Reference

#include <lgdt3305.h>

Data Fields

u8 i2c_addr
u16 qam_if_khz
u16 vsb_if_khz
u16 usref_8vsb
u16 usref_qam64
u16 usref_qam256
unsigned int deny_i2c_rptr:1
unsigned int spectral_inversion:1
unsigned int rf_agc_loop:1
enum lgdt3305_mpeg_mode mpeg_mode
enum lgdt3305_tp_clock_edge tpclk_edge
enum lgdt3305_tp_valid_polarity tpvalid_polarity
enum lgdt_demod_chip_type demod_chip

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file lgdt3305.h.

Field Documentation

enum lgdt_demod_chip_type demod_chip

Definition at line 73 of file lgdt3305.h.

unsigned int deny_i2c_rptr

Definition at line 62 of file lgdt3305.h.

u8 i2c_addr

Definition at line 50 of file lgdt3305.h.

enum lgdt3305_mpeg_mode mpeg_mode

Definition at line 70 of file lgdt3305.h.

u16 qam_if_khz

Definition at line 53 of file lgdt3305.h.

unsigned int rf_agc_loop

Definition at line 68 of file lgdt3305.h.

unsigned int spectral_inversion

Definition at line 65 of file lgdt3305.h.

enum lgdt3305_tp_clock_edge tpclk_edge

Definition at line 71 of file lgdt3305.h.

enum lgdt3305_tp_valid_polarity tpvalid_polarity

Definition at line 72 of file lgdt3305.h.

u16 usref_8vsb

Definition at line 57 of file lgdt3305.h.

u16 usref_qam256

Definition at line 59 of file lgdt3305.h.

u16 usref_qam64

Definition at line 58 of file lgdt3305.h.

u16 vsb_if_khz

Definition at line 54 of file lgdt3305.h.

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