Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
nand_bbt_descr Struct Reference

#include <bbm.h>

Data Fields

int options
int pages [NAND_MAX_CHIPS]
int offs
int veroffs
uint8_t version [NAND_MAX_CHIPS]
int len
int maxblocks
int reserved_block_code

Detailed Description

struct nand_bbt_descr - bad block table descriptor : options for this descriptor : the page(s) where we find the bbt, used with option BBT_ABSPAGE when bbt is searched, then we store the found bbts pages here. Its an array and supports up to 8 chips now : offset of the pattern in the oob area of the page : offset of the bbt version counter in the oob are of the page

: version read from the bbt page during scan : length of the pattern, if 0 no pattern check is performed : maximum number of blocks to search for a bbt. This number of blocks is reserved at the end of the device where the tables are written. : if non-0, this pattern denotes a reserved (rather than bad) block in the stored bbt : pattern to identify bad block table or factory marked good / bad blocks, can be NULL, if len = 0

Descriptor for the bad block table marker and the descriptor for the pattern which identifies good and bad blocks. The assumption is made that the pattern and the version count are always located in the oob area of the first block.

Definition at line 57 of file bbm.h.

Field Documentation

int len

Definition at line 63 of file bbm.h.

int maxblocks

Definition at line 64 of file bbm.h.

int offs

Definition at line 60 of file bbm.h.

int options

Definition at line 58 of file bbm.h.

Definition at line 59 of file bbm.h.

uint8_t* pattern

Definition at line 66 of file bbm.h.

int reserved_block_code

Definition at line 65 of file bbm.h.

int veroffs

Definition at line 61 of file bbm.h.

Definition at line 62 of file bbm.h.

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