Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
omap_sdrc_params Struct Reference

#include <sdrc.h>

Data Fields

unsigned long rate
u32 actim_ctrla
u32 actim_ctrlb
u32 rfr_ctrl
u32 mr

Detailed Description

struct omap_sdrc_params - SDRC parameters for a given SDRC clock rate : SDRC clock rate (in Hz) : Value to program to SDRC_ACTIM_CTRLA for this rate : Value to program to SDRC_ACTIM_CTRLB for this rate : Value to program to SDRC_RFR_CTRL for this rate : Value to program to SDRC_MR for this rate

This structure holds a pre-computed set of register values for the SDRC for a given SDRC clock rate and SDRAM chip. These are intended to be pre-computed and specified in an array in the board-*.c files. The structure is keyed off the 'rate' field.

Definition at line 118 of file sdrc.h.

Field Documentation

u32 actim_ctrla

Definition at line 120 of file sdrc.h.

u32 actim_ctrlb

Definition at line 121 of file sdrc.h.

u32 mr

Definition at line 123 of file sdrc.h.

unsigned long rate

Definition at line 119 of file sdrc.h.

u32 rfr_ctrl

Definition at line 122 of file sdrc.h.

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