Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
p9_iattr_dotl Struct Reference

#include <9p.h>

Data Fields

u32 valid
u32 mode
u32 uid
u32 gid
u64 size
u64 atime_sec
u64 atime_nsec
u64 mtime_sec
u64 mtime_nsec

Detailed Description

struct p9_iattr_dotl - P9 inode attribute for setattr : bitfield specifying which fields are valid same as in struct iattr : File permission bits : user id of owner : group id : File size : Last access time, seconds : Last access time, nanoseconds : Last modification time, seconds : Last modification time, nanoseconds

Definition at line 471 of file 9p.h.

Field Documentation

u64 atime_nsec

Definition at line 478 of file 9p.h.

u64 atime_sec

Definition at line 477 of file 9p.h.

u32 gid

Definition at line 475 of file 9p.h.

u32 mode

Definition at line 473 of file 9p.h.

u64 mtime_nsec

Definition at line 480 of file 9p.h.

u64 mtime_sec

Definition at line 479 of file 9p.h.

u64 size

Definition at line 476 of file 9p.h.

u32 uid

Definition at line 474 of file 9p.h.

u32 valid

Definition at line 472 of file 9p.h.

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