Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
palm_ext_connection_info Struct Reference

#include <visor.h>

Data Fields

__u8 num_ports
__u8 endpoint_numbers_different
__le16 reserved1
struct {
   __u32   port_function_id
   __u8   port
   __u8   end_point_info
   __le16   reserved
connections [2]

Detailed Description

struct palm_ext_connection_info - return data from a PALM_GET_EXT_CONNECTION_INFORMATION request : maximum number of functions/connections in use : will be 1 if in and out endpoints numbers are different, otherwise it is 0. If value is 1, then connections.end_point_info is non-zero. If value is 0, then connections.port contains the endpoint number, which is the same for in and out. : contains the creator id of the applicaton that opened this connection. : contains the in/out endpoint number. Is 0 if in and out endpoint numbers are different. : high nubbe is in endpoint and low nibble will indicate out endpoint. Is 0 if in and out endpoints are the same.

The maximum number of connections currently supported is 2

Definition at line 148 of file visor.h.

Field Documentation

struct { ... } connections[2]
__u8 end_point_info

Definition at line 155 of file visor.h.

__u8 endpoint_numbers_different

Definition at line 150 of file visor.h.

__u8 num_ports

Definition at line 149 of file visor.h.

Definition at line 154 of file visor.h.

__u32 port_function_id

Definition at line 153 of file visor.h.

__le16 reserved

Definition at line 156 of file visor.h.

__le16 reserved1

Definition at line 151 of file visor.h.

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