Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
rate_adaptive Struct Reference

#include <wifi.h>

Data Fields

u8 rate_adaptive_disabled
u8 ratr_state
u16 reserve
u32 high_rssi_thresh_for_ra
u32 high2low_rssi_thresh_for_ra
u8 low2high_rssi_thresh_for_ra40m
u32 low_rssi_thresh_for_ra40M
u8 low2high_rssi_thresh_for_ra20m
u32 low_rssi_thresh_for_ra20M
u32 upper_rssi_threshold_ratr
u32 middleupper_rssi_threshold_ratr
u32 middle_rssi_threshold_ratr
u32 middlelow_rssi_threshold_ratr
u32 low_rssi_threshold_ratr
u32 ultralow_rssi_threshold_ratr
u32 low_rssi_threshold_ratr_40m
u32 low_rssi_threshold_ratr_20m
u8 ping_rssi_enable
u32 ping_rssi_ratr
u32 ping_rssi_thresh_for_ra
u32 last_ratr
u8 pre_ratr_state
u8 low2high_rssi_thresh_for_ra40M
u8 low2high_rssi_thresh_for_ra20M
u32 low_rssi_threshold_ratr_40M
u32 low_rssi_threshold_ratr_20M
u8 PreRATRState

Detailed Description

Definition at line 771 of file wifi.h.

Field Documentation

u32 high2low_rssi_thresh_for_ra

Definition at line 777 of file wifi.h.

u32 high_rssi_thresh_for_ra

Definition at line 776 of file wifi.h.

u32 last_ratr

Definition at line 793 of file wifi.h.

u8 low2high_rssi_thresh_for_ra20m

Definition at line 780 of file wifi.h.

u8 low2high_rssi_thresh_for_ra20M

Definition at line 1988 of file rtllib.h.

u8 low2high_rssi_thresh_for_ra40m

Definition at line 778 of file wifi.h.

u8 low2high_rssi_thresh_for_ra40M

Definition at line 1986 of file rtllib.h.

u32 low_rssi_thresh_for_ra20M

Definition at line 781 of file wifi.h.

u32 low_rssi_thresh_for_ra40M

Definition at line 779 of file wifi.h.

u32 low_rssi_threshold_ratr

Definition at line 786 of file wifi.h.

u32 low_rssi_threshold_ratr_20m

Definition at line 789 of file wifi.h.

u32 low_rssi_threshold_ratr_20M

Definition at line 1994 of file rtllib.h.

u32 low_rssi_threshold_ratr_40m

Definition at line 788 of file wifi.h.

u32 low_rssi_threshold_ratr_40M

Definition at line 1993 of file rtllib.h.

u32 middle_rssi_threshold_ratr

Definition at line 784 of file wifi.h.

u32 middlelow_rssi_threshold_ratr

Definition at line 785 of file wifi.h.

u32 middleupper_rssi_threshold_ratr

Definition at line 783 of file wifi.h.

u8 ping_rssi_enable

Definition at line 790 of file wifi.h.

u32 ping_rssi_ratr

Definition at line 791 of file wifi.h.

u32 ping_rssi_thresh_for_ra

Definition at line 792 of file wifi.h.

u8 pre_ratr_state

Definition at line 794 of file wifi.h.

u8 PreRATRState

Definition at line 1999 of file rtllib.h.

u8 rate_adaptive_disabled

Definition at line 772 of file wifi.h.

u8 ratr_state

Definition at line 773 of file wifi.h.

u16 reserve

Definition at line 774 of file wifi.h.

u32 ultralow_rssi_threshold_ratr

Definition at line 787 of file wifi.h.

u32 upper_rssi_threshold_ratr

Definition at line 782 of file wifi.h.

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