Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
skb_shared_hwtstamps Struct Reference

#include <skbuff.h>

Data Fields

ktime_t hwtstamp
ktime_t syststamp

Detailed Description

struct skb_shared_hwtstamps - hardware time stamps : hardware time stamp transformed into duration since arbitrary point in time : hwtstamp transformed to system time base

Software time stamps generated by ktime_get_real() are stored in skb->tstamp. The relation between the different kinds of time stamps is as follows:

syststamp and tstamp can be compared against each other in arbitrary combinations. The accuracy of a syststamp/tstamp/"syststamp from other device" comparison is limited by the accuracy of the transformation into system time base. This depends on the device driver and its underlying hardware.

hwtstamps can only be compared against other hwtstamps from the same device.

This structure is attached to packets as part of the &skb_shared_info. Use skb_hwtstamps() to get a pointer.

Definition at line 212 of file skbuff.h.

Field Documentation

ktime_t hwtstamp

Definition at line 213 of file skbuff.h.

ktime_t syststamp

Definition at line 214 of file skbuff.h.

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