Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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unified.h File Reference

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#define PSR_ISETSTATE   0
#define ARM(x...)   x
#define THUMB(x...)


 __asm__ (" .macro it, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro itt, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro ite, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro ittt, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro itte, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro itet, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro itee, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro itttt, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro ittte, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro ittet, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro ittee, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro itett, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro itete, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro iteet, cond\n"" .endm\n"" .macro iteee, cond\n"" .endm\n")

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ARM (   x...)    x

Definition at line 48 of file unified.h.

#define PSR_ISETSTATE   0

Definition at line 46 of file unified.h.

#define THUMB (   x...)

Definition at line 49 of file unified.h.

Function Documentation

__asm__ ( " .macro  it,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  itt,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  ite,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  ittt,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  itte,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  itet,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  itee,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  itttt,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  ittte,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  ittet,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  ittee,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  itett,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  itete,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  iteet,
cond\n"".endm\n"".macro  iteee,