Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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exception.h File Reference
#include "fpu_emu.h"

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#define Const_(x)   x
#define FPU_BUSY   Const_(0x8000) /* FPU busy bit (8087 compatibility) */
#define EX_ErrorSummary   Const_(0x0080) /* Error summary status */
#define EX_INTERNAL   Const_(0x8000) /* Internal error in wm-FPU-emu */
#define EX_StackOver   Const_(0x0041|SW_C1) /* stack overflow */
#define EX_StackUnder   Const_(0x0041) /* stack underflow */
#define EX_Precision   Const_(0x0020) /* loss of precision */
#define EX_Underflow   Const_(0x0010) /* underflow */
#define EX_Overflow   Const_(0x0008) /* overflow */
#define EX_ZeroDiv   Const_(0x0004) /* divide by zero */
#define EX_Denormal   Const_(0x0002) /* denormalized operand */
#define EX_Invalid   Const_(0x0001) /* invalid operation */
#define PRECISION_LOST_UP   Const_((EX_Precision | SW_C1))
#define PRECISION_LOST_DOWN   Const_(EX_Precision)
#define EXCEPTION(x)   FPU_exception(x)

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#define Const_ (   x)    x

Definition at line 15 of file exception.h.

#define EX_Denormal   Const_(0x0002) /* denormalized operand */

Definition at line 33 of file exception.h.

#define EX_ErrorSummary   Const_(0x0080) /* Error summary status */

Definition at line 23 of file exception.h.

#define EX_INTERNAL   Const_(0x8000) /* Internal error in wm-FPU-emu */

Definition at line 25 of file exception.h.

#define EX_Invalid   Const_(0x0001) /* invalid operation */

Definition at line 34 of file exception.h.

#define EX_Overflow   Const_(0x0008) /* overflow */

Definition at line 31 of file exception.h.

#define EX_Precision   Const_(0x0020) /* loss of precision */

Definition at line 29 of file exception.h.

#define EX_StackOver   Const_(0x0041|SW_C1) /* stack overflow */

Definition at line 26 of file exception.h.

#define EX_StackUnder   Const_(0x0041) /* stack underflow */

Definition at line 27 of file exception.h.

#define EX_Underflow   Const_(0x0010) /* underflow */

Definition at line 30 of file exception.h.

#define EX_ZeroDiv   Const_(0x0004) /* divide by zero */

Definition at line 32 of file exception.h.

#define EXCEPTION (   x)    FPU_exception(x)

Definition at line 45 of file exception.h.

#define FPU_BUSY   Const_(0x8000) /* FPU busy bit (8087 compatibility) */

Definition at line 22 of file exception.h.

#define PRECISION_LOST_DOWN   Const_(EX_Precision)

Definition at line 37 of file exception.h.

#define PRECISION_LOST_UP   Const_((EX_Precision | SW_C1))

Definition at line 36 of file exception.h.