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barrier.h File Reference

#include "storage/s_lock.h"
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#define pg_memory_barrier(x)   do { S_LOCK(&dummy_spinlock); S_UNLOCK(&dummy_spinlock); } while (0)
#define pg_read_barrier()   pg_memory_barrier()
#define pg_write_barrier()   pg_memory_barrier()


slock_t dummy_spinlock

Define Documentation

#define pg_memory_barrier (   x  )     do { S_LOCK(&dummy_spinlock); S_UNLOCK(&dummy_spinlock); } while (0)

Definition at line 151 of file barrier.h.

#define pg_read_barrier (  )     pg_memory_barrier()

Definition at line 164 of file barrier.h.

#define pg_write_barrier (  )     pg_memory_barrier()

Definition at line 167 of file barrier.h.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 23 of file s_lock.c.