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dbasedesc.c File Reference

#include "postgres.h"
#include "commands/dbcommands.h"
#include "lib/stringinfo.h"
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void dbase_desc (StringInfo buf, uint8 xl_info, char *rec)

Function Documentation

void dbase_desc ( StringInfo  buf,
uint8  xl_info,
char *  rec 

Definition at line 22 of file dbasedesc.c.

References appendStringInfo(), xl_dbase_drop_rec::db_id, xl_dbase_create_rec::db_id, xl_dbase_create_rec::src_db_id, xl_dbase_create_rec::src_tablespace_id, xl_dbase_drop_rec::tablespace_id, xl_dbase_create_rec::tablespace_id, XLOG_DBASE_CREATE, and XLOG_DBASE_DROP.

    uint8       info = xl_info & ~XLR_INFO_MASK;

    if (info == XLOG_DBASE_CREATE)
        xl_dbase_create_rec *xlrec = (xl_dbase_create_rec *) rec;

        appendStringInfo(buf, "create db: copy dir %u/%u to %u/%u",
                         xlrec->src_db_id, xlrec->src_tablespace_id,
                         xlrec->db_id, xlrec->tablespace_id);
    else if (info == XLOG_DBASE_DROP)
        xl_dbase_drop_rec *xlrec = (xl_dbase_drop_rec *) rec;

        appendStringInfo(buf, "drop db: dir %u/%u",
                         xlrec->db_id, xlrec->tablespace_id);
        appendStringInfo(buf, "UNKNOWN");