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ecpg_keywords.c File Reference

#include "postgres_fe.h"
#include <ctype.h>
#include "extern.h"
#include "preproc.h"
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const ScanKeywordScanECPGKeywordLookup (const char *text)


const ScanKeyword SQLScanKeywords []
const int NumSQLScanKeywords
static const ScanKeyword ECPGScanKeywords []

Function Documentation

const ScanKeyword* ScanECPGKeywordLookup ( const char *  text  ) 

Definition at line 89 of file ecpg_keywords.c.

References lengthof, NumSQLScanKeywords, and ScanKeywordLookup().

    const ScanKeyword *res;

    /* First check SQL symbols defined by the backend. */
    res = ScanKeywordLookup(text, SQLScanKeywords, NumSQLScanKeywords);
    if (res)
        return res;

    /* Try ECPG-specific keywords. */
    res = ScanKeywordLookup(text, ECPGScanKeywords, lengthof(ECPGScanKeywords));
    if (res)
        return res;

    return NULL;

Variable Documentation

const ScanKeyword ECPGScanKeywords[] [static]

Definition at line 29 of file ecpg_keywords.c.

const int NumSQLScanKeywords

Definition at line 29 of file keywords.c.

Referenced by ScanECPGKeywordLookup().

Definition at line 25 of file keywords.c.