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pg_regress_main.c File Reference

#include "pg_regress.h"
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static PID_TYPE psql_start_test (const char *testname, _stringlist **resultfiles, _stringlist **expectfiles, _stringlist **tags)
static void psql_init (void)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])

Function Documentation

int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Definition at line 94 of file pg_regress_main.c.

References psql_init(), psql_start_test(), and regression_main().

    return regression_main(argc, argv, psql_init, psql_start_test);

static void psql_init ( void   )  [static]

Definition at line 87 of file pg_regress_main.c.

References add_stringlist_item(), and dblist.

Referenced by main().

    /* set default regression database name */
    add_stringlist_item(&dblist, "regression");

static PID_TYPE psql_start_test ( const char *  testname,
_stringlist **  resultfiles,
_stringlist **  expectfiles,
_stringlist **  tags 
) [static]

Definition at line 26 of file pg_regress_main.c.

References _, add_stringlist_item(), dblist, file_exists(), infile(), inputdir, INVALID_PID, launcher, MAXPGPATH, outputdir, PID_TYPE, psqldir, snprintf(), spawn_process(), _stringlist::str, and SYSTEMQUOTE.

Referenced by main().

    PID_TYPE    pid;
    char        infile[MAXPGPATH];
    char        outfile[MAXPGPATH];
    char        expectfile[MAXPGPATH];
    char        psql_cmd[MAXPGPATH * 3];
    size_t      offset = 0;

     * Look for files in the output dir first, consistent with a vpath search.
     * This is mainly to create more reasonable error messages if the file is
     * not found.  It also allows local test overrides when running pg_regress
     * outside of the source tree.
    snprintf(infile, sizeof(infile), "%s/sql/%s.sql",
             outputdir, testname);
    if (!file_exists(infile))
        snprintf(infile, sizeof(infile), "%s/sql/%s.sql",
                 inputdir, testname);

    snprintf(outfile, sizeof(outfile), "%s/results/%s.out",
             outputdir, testname);

    snprintf(expectfile, sizeof(expectfile), "%s/expected/%s.out",
             outputdir, testname);
    if (!file_exists(expectfile))
        snprintf(expectfile, sizeof(expectfile), "%s/expected/%s.out",
                 inputdir, testname);

    add_stringlist_item(resultfiles, outfile);
    add_stringlist_item(expectfiles, expectfile);

    if (launcher)
        offset += snprintf(psql_cmd + offset, sizeof(psql_cmd) - offset,
                           "%s ", launcher);

    snprintf(psql_cmd + offset, sizeof(psql_cmd) - offset,
             SYSTEMQUOTE "\"%s%spsql\" -X -a -q -d \"%s\" < \"%s\" > \"%s\" 2>&1" SYSTEMQUOTE,
             psqldir ? psqldir : "",
             psqldir ? "/" : "",

    pid = spawn_process(psql_cmd);

    if (pid == INVALID_PID)
        fprintf(stderr, _("could not start process for test %s\n"),

    return pid;