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relfilenode.c File Reference

#include "postgres_fe.h"
#include "pg_upgrade.h"
#include "catalog/pg_class.h"
#include "access/transam.h"
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static void transfer_single_new_db (pageCnvCtx *pageConverter, FileNameMap *maps, int size, char *old_tablespace)
static void transfer_relfile (pageCnvCtx *pageConverter, FileNameMap *map, const char *suffix)
void transfer_all_new_tablespaces (DbInfoArr *old_db_arr, DbInfoArr *new_db_arr, char *old_pgdata, char *new_pgdata)
void transfer_all_new_dbs (DbInfoArr *old_db_arr, DbInfoArr *new_db_arr, char *old_pgdata, char *new_pgdata, char *old_tablespace)
void get_pg_database_relfilenode (ClusterInfo *cluster)

Function Documentation

void get_pg_database_relfilenode ( ClusterInfo cluster  ) 

Definition at line 139 of file relfilenode.c.

References atooid, conn, connectToServer(), executeQueryOrDie(), ClusterInfo::pg_database_oid, PQclear(), PQfinish(), PQfnumber(), and PQgetvalue().

Referenced by check_and_dump_old_cluster(), and prepare_new_cluster().

    PGconn     *conn = connectToServer(cluster, "template1");
    PGresult   *res;
    int         i_relfile;

    res = executeQueryOrDie(conn,
                            "SELECT c.relname, c.relfilenode "
                            "FROM   pg_catalog.pg_class c, "
                            "       pg_catalog.pg_namespace n "
                            "WHERE  c.relnamespace = n.oid AND "
                            "       n.nspname = 'pg_catalog' AND "
                            "       c.relname = 'pg_database' "
                            "ORDER BY c.relname");

    i_relfile = PQfnumber(res, "relfilenode");
    cluster->pg_database_oid = atooid(PQgetvalue(res, 0, i_relfile));


void transfer_all_new_dbs ( DbInfoArr old_db_arr,
DbInfoArr new_db_arr,
char *  old_pgdata,
char *  new_pgdata,
char *  old_tablespace 

Definition at line 77 of file relfilenode.c.

References DbInfo::db_name, DbInfoArr::dbs, gen_db_file_maps(), DbInfoArr::ndbs, PG_FATAL, pg_free(), pg_log(), print_maps(), and transfer_single_new_db().

Referenced by parallel_transfer_all_new_dbs().

    int         old_dbnum,

    /* Scan the old cluster databases and transfer their files */
    for (old_dbnum = new_dbnum = 0;
         old_dbnum < old_db_arr->ndbs;
         old_dbnum++, new_dbnum++)
        DbInfo     *old_db = &old_db_arr->dbs[old_dbnum],
                   *new_db = NULL;
        FileNameMap *mappings;
        int         n_maps;
        pageCnvCtx *pageConverter = NULL;

         * Advance past any databases that exist in the new cluster but not in
         * the old, e.g. "postgres".  (The user might have removed the
         * 'postgres' database from the old cluster.)
        for (; new_dbnum < new_db_arr->ndbs; new_dbnum++)
            new_db = &new_db_arr->dbs[new_dbnum];
            if (strcmp(old_db->db_name, new_db->db_name) == 0)

        if (new_dbnum >= new_db_arr->ndbs)
            pg_log(PG_FATAL, "old database \"%s\" not found in the new cluster\n",

        n_maps = 0;
        mappings = gen_db_file_maps(old_db, new_db, &n_maps, old_pgdata,

        if (n_maps)
            print_maps(mappings, n_maps, new_db->db_name);

            pageConverter = setupPageConverter();
            transfer_single_new_db(pageConverter, mappings, n_maps,



void transfer_all_new_tablespaces ( DbInfoArr old_db_arr,
DbInfoArr new_db_arr,
char *  old_pgdata,
char *  new_pgdata 

Definition at line 31 of file relfilenode.c.

References check_ok(), end_progress_output(), UserOpts::jobs, NULL, OSInfo::num_old_tablespaces, OSInfo::old_tablespaces, os_info, parallel_transfer_all_new_dbs(), pg_log(), PG_REPORT, reap_child(), UserOpts::transfer_mode, TRANSFER_MODE_LINK, and user_opts.

Referenced by main().

    pg_log(PG_REPORT, "%s user relation files\n",
      user_opts.transfer_mode == TRANSFER_MODE_LINK ? "Linking" : "Copying");

     *  Transfering files by tablespace is tricky because a single database
     *  can use multiple tablespaces.  For non-parallel mode, we just pass a
     *  NULL tablespace path, which matches all tablespaces.  In parallel mode,
     *  we pass the default tablespace and all user-created tablespaces
     *  and let those operations happen in parallel.
    if (user_opts.jobs <= 1)
        parallel_transfer_all_new_dbs(old_db_arr, new_db_arr, old_pgdata,
                                      new_pgdata, NULL);
        int tblnum;

        /* transfer default tablespace */
        parallel_transfer_all_new_dbs(old_db_arr, new_db_arr, old_pgdata,
                              new_pgdata, old_pgdata);

        for (tblnum = 0; tblnum < os_info.num_old_tablespaces; tblnum++)
            parallel_transfer_all_new_dbs(old_db_arr, new_db_arr, old_pgdata,
                                  new_pgdata, os_info.old_tablespaces[tblnum]);
        /* reap all children */
        while (reap_child(true) == true)



static void transfer_relfile ( pageCnvCtx pageConverter,
FileNameMap map,
const char *  suffix 
) [static]

Definition at line 211 of file relfilenode.c.

References close, copyAndUpdateFile(), getErrorText(), linkAndUpdateFile(), FileNameMap::new_db_oid, FileNameMap::new_relfilenode, FileNameMap::new_tablespace, FileNameMap::new_tablespace_suffix, FileNameMap::nspname, NULL, FileNameMap::old_db_oid, FileNameMap::old_relfilenode, FileNameMap::old_tablespace, FileNameMap::old_tablespace_suffix, PG_FATAL, pg_log(), PG_STATUS, PG_VERBOSE, FileNameMap::relname, snprintf(), UserOpts::transfer_mode, TRANSFER_MODE_COPY, TRANSFER_MODE_LINK, unlink(), and user_opts.

Referenced by transfer_single_new_db().

    const char *msg;
    char        old_file[MAXPGPATH];
    char        new_file[MAXPGPATH];
    int         fd;
    int         segno;
    char        extent_suffix[65];
     * Now copy/link any related segments as well. Remember, PG breaks
     * large files into 1GB segments, the first segment has no extension,
     * subsequent segments are named relfilenode.1, relfilenode.2,
     * relfilenode.3.
     * copied.
    for (segno = 0;; segno++)
        if (segno == 0)
            extent_suffix[0] = '\0';
            snprintf(extent_suffix, sizeof(extent_suffix), ".%d", segno);

        snprintf(old_file, sizeof(old_file), "%s%s/%u/%u%s%s", map->old_tablespace,
                 map->old_tablespace_suffix, map->old_db_oid, map->old_relfilenode,
                 type_suffix, extent_suffix);
        snprintf(new_file, sizeof(new_file), "%s%s/%u/%u%s%s", map->new_tablespace,
                 map->new_tablespace_suffix, map->new_db_oid, map->new_relfilenode,
                 type_suffix, extent_suffix);
        /* Is it an extent, fsm, or vm file? */
        if (type_suffix[0] != '\0' || segno != 0)
            /* Did file open fail? */
            if ((fd = open(old_file, O_RDONLY, 0)) == -1)
                /* File does not exist?  That's OK, just return */
                if (errno == ENOENT)
                    pg_log(PG_FATAL, "error while checking for file existance \"%s.%s\" (\"%s\" to \"%s\"): %s\n",
                           map->nspname, map->relname, old_file, new_file,

        /* Copying files might take some time, so give feedback. */
        pg_log(PG_STATUS, "%s", old_file);
        if ((user_opts.transfer_mode == TRANSFER_MODE_LINK) && (pageConverter != NULL))
            pg_log(PG_FATAL, "This upgrade requires page-by-page conversion, "
                   "you must use copy mode instead of link mode.\n");
        if (user_opts.transfer_mode == TRANSFER_MODE_COPY)
            pg_log(PG_VERBOSE, "copying \"%s\" to \"%s\"\n", old_file, new_file);
            if ((msg = copyAndUpdateFile(pageConverter, old_file, new_file, true)) != NULL)
                pg_log(PG_FATAL, "error while copying relation \"%s.%s\" (\"%s\" to \"%s\"): %s\n",
                       map->nspname, map->relname, old_file, new_file, msg);
            pg_log(PG_VERBOSE, "linking \"%s\" to \"%s\"\n", old_file, new_file);
            if ((msg = linkAndUpdateFile(pageConverter, old_file, new_file)) != NULL)
                       "error while creating link for relation \"%s.%s\" (\"%s\" to \"%s\"): %s\n",
                       map->nspname, map->relname, old_file, new_file, msg);


static void transfer_single_new_db ( pageCnvCtx pageConverter,
FileNameMap maps,
int  size,
char *  old_tablespace 
) [static]

Definition at line 168 of file relfilenode.c.

References ControlData::cat_ver, ClusterInfo::controldata, GET_MAJOR_VERSION, ClusterInfo::major_version, new_cluster, NULL, old_cluster, transfer_relfile(), and VISIBILITY_MAP_CRASHSAFE_CAT_VER.

Referenced by transfer_all_new_dbs().

    int         mapnum;
    bool        vm_crashsafe_match = true;
     * Do the old and new cluster disagree on the crash-safetiness of the vm
     * files?  If so, do not copy them.
    if (old_cluster.controldata.cat_ver < VISIBILITY_MAP_CRASHSAFE_CAT_VER &&
        new_cluster.controldata.cat_ver >= VISIBILITY_MAP_CRASHSAFE_CAT_VER)
        vm_crashsafe_match = false;

    for (mapnum = 0; mapnum < size; mapnum++)
        if (old_tablespace == NULL ||
            strcmp(maps[mapnum].old_tablespace, old_tablespace) == 0)
            /* transfer primary file */
            transfer_relfile(pageConverter, &maps[mapnum], "");
            /* fsm/vm files added in PG 8.4 */
            if (GET_MAJOR_VERSION(old_cluster.major_version) >= 804)
                 * Copy/link any fsm and vm files, if they exist
                transfer_relfile(pageConverter, &maps[mapnum], "_fsm");
                if (vm_crashsafe_match)
                    transfer_relfile(pageConverter, &maps[mapnum], "_vm");