Data paths

Path separators

For the sake of supporting as many platforms as possible, Godot only accepts unix style path separators (/). These work everywhere, including Windows.

A path like: C:\Projects will become C:/Projects.

Resource path

As mentioned before. Godot considers that a project exists at any given folder that contains an “engine.cfg” text file, even if such file is empty.

Accessing project files can be done by opening any path with res:// as a base. For example, a texture located in the root of the project folder may be opened from the following path: res://sometexture.png.

Userdata path (persistent data)

While the project is running, it is a very common scenario that the resource path will be read-only, due to it being inside a package, self contained executable, or system wide install location.

Storing persistent files in such scenarios should be done by using the user:// prefix, for example: user://gamesave.txt.

In some devices (for example, mobile ad consoles) this path is unique for the app. Under desktop operating systems, the engine uses the typical ~/.Name (check the project name under the settings) in OSX and Linux, and APPDATA/Name for Windows.