This is a comprehensive manual aimed towards people wishing to use BML for their website needs. Some of the topics covered include setting up BML for a website, writing a custom BML scheme, and customization & optimization of a BML installation.

Target Audience.  This book was written for anyone interested in installing and using BML for their own purposes, and for people who are just generally interested in how BML works.

Readers of this book should be familiar with administering a web site, and have at least a brief knowledge of HTML.

Organization.  The Manual is organized into certain chapters:

Chapter 1: A Brief Tutorial

A tutorial covering the basics of BML, and explaining how to write a BML document.

Chapter 2: BML Block Types

A reference to BML block flags.

Chapter 3: Core BML blocks

A reference to the core BML blocks.

API Documentation

An application programming interface reference.

Versions.  An online version of this book can be found at: http://www.livejournal.com/doc/server/bml.index.html[o]». To compile these pages for your own, refer to: /doc/raw/notes.txt in CVS.