LASTN_NEW_DAY — Before any LASTN_EVENT that's on a day that no other event has been shown before, this block is inserted into %%events%% in the LASTN_PAGE.

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No; users of the style cannot override this. It may only be defined in the style.

Variable Type



dayshortDay of week. Short form. Example: Mon, Tue, Wed...
daylongDay of week. Long form. Example: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...
monshortMonth. Short form. Example: Jan, Feb, Mar...
monlongMonth. Long form. Example: January, February, March...
yyYear, two digit.
yyyyYear, four digit.
mMonth. 1-12.
mmMonth. 01-12.
dDay. 1-31.
ddDay. 01-31.
dthDay plus ordinal. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th...