omniORB development

omniORB development happens in CVS. See the omniORB CVS page for generic instructions, or browse the repository.

All omniORB development happens in branches, so you must always specify a branch tag when you do a checkout. The trunk of the tree is now empty. (It used to contain the most recent stable release, but that confused people.)

If your local firewall blocks CVS access, you can download nightly snapshots of the main development branches from this page.

omniORB core

The omniORB core libraries and tools are in the omni CVS package. The branches are

omni4_1_develop omniORB 4.1.x development
omni4_0_develop omniORB 4.0.x development
omni3_develop omniORB 3.0.x development
omni2_8_develop Bug fixes for omniORB 2.8.0


omniORB for Python has its own CVS package, named omniORBpy. You must match the omniORBpy version you use with the core omniORB version you have. omniORBpy 1.x goes with omniORB 3.0.x; omniORBpy 2.x goes with omniORB 4.0.x.

The branches in the omniORBpy package are

omnipy3_develop omniORBpy 3.x development
omnipy2_develop omniORBpy 2.x development
omnipy1_develop omniORBpy 1.x development

With omniORBpy 1.x you must checkout the omniORBpy package within the src/lib directory of an omniORB 3.0.x tree. With omniORBpy 2.x, you must still do that if you use the old build system, but you can check it out anywhere you like if you use the autoconf based build.