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Services and tools

  • omniNotify, a scalable implementation of the CORBA Notification Service.
  • omniEvents, an implementation of the CORBA Event Service.
  • omniifr, an Interface Repository for omniORB. Looking for developers to maintain it.
  • Ethereal, a network protocol analyser that can decode GIOP traffic. It uses omniidl to generate IDL-specific message decoders.
  • ipy, a tool to build Python implementation skeletons from IDL.
  • A few more things are listed at the old omniORB contributions page, but many of the links are dead.

CORBA and omniORB links

Related links

  • RealVNC develop and maintain VNC, the other big open source project to come out of ORL / AT&T Labs Cambridge.
  •, has information about the people who used to work at ORL / AT&T Labs Cambridge.
  • Many people connected to ORL / AT&T Labs Cambridge also have connections with the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory's Digital Technology Group.
  • An archive of some of the material on the AT&T Labs Cambridge web site, including the omniORB bits. Hosted at the Computer Laboratory.
  • Duncan Grisby is omniORB's lead developer. This is his home page.