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cv::aruco::Board Class Reference

Board of markers. More...

#include "aruco.hpp"

Inheritance diagram for cv::aruco::Board:
cv::aruco::CharucoBoard cv::aruco::GridBoard

Public Attributes

Dictionary dictionary
std::vector< int > ids
std::vector< std::vector< Point3f > > objPoints

Detailed Description

Board of markers.

A board is a set of markers in the 3D space with a common cordinate system. The common form of a board of marker is a planar (2D) board, however any 3D layout can be used. A Board object is composed by:

Member Data Documentation

Dictionary cv::aruco::Board::dictionary
std::vector< int > cv::aruco::Board::ids
std::vector< std::vector< Point3f > > cv::aruco::Board::objPoints

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