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cv::linemod::Detector Class Reference

Object detector using the LINE template matching algorithm with any set of modalities. More...

#include "linemod.hpp"

Public Member Functions

 Detector ()
 Empty constructor, initialize with read(). More...
 Detector (const std::vector< Ptr< Modality > > &modalities, const std::vector< int > &T_pyramid)
 Constructor. More...
int addSyntheticTemplate (const std::vector< Template > &templates, const String &class_id)
 Add a new object template computed by external means. More...
int addTemplate (const std::vector< Mat > &sources, const String &class_id, const Mat &object_mask, Rect *bounding_box=NULL)
 Add new object template. More...
std::vector< StringclassIds () const
const std::vector< Ptr< Modality > > & getModalities () const
 Get the modalities used by this detector. More...
int getT (int pyramid_level) const
 Get sampling step T at pyramid_level. More...
const std::vector< Template > & getTemplates (const String &class_id, int template_id) const
 Get the template pyramid identified by template_id. More...
void match (const std::vector< Mat > &sources, float threshold, std::vector< Match > &matches, const std::vector< String > &class_ids=std::vector< String >(), OutputArrayOfArrays quantized_images=noArray(), const std::vector< Mat > &masks=std::vector< Mat >()) const
 Detect objects by template matching. More...
int numClasses () const
int numTemplates () const
int numTemplates (const String &class_id) const
int pyramidLevels () const
 Get number of pyramid levels used by this detector. More...
void read (const FileNode &fn)
String readClass (const FileNode &fn, const String &class_id_override="")
void readClasses (const std::vector< String > &class_ids, const String &format="templates_%s.yml.gz")
void write (FileStorage &fs) const
void writeClass (const String &class_id, FileStorage &fs) const
void writeClasses (const String &format="templates_%s.yml.gz") const

Protected Types

typedef std::vector< MatLinearMemories
typedef std::vector< std::vector< LinearMemories > > LinearMemoryPyramid
typedef std::vector< TemplateTemplatePyramid
typedef std::map< String, std::vector< TemplatePyramid > > TemplatesMap

Protected Member Functions

void matchClass (const LinearMemoryPyramid &lm_pyramid, const std::vector< Size > &sizes, float threshold, std::vector< Match > &matches, const String &class_id, const std::vector< TemplatePyramid > &template_pyramids) const

Protected Attributes

TemplatesMap class_templates
std::vector< Ptr< Modality > > modalities
int pyramid_levels
std::vector< int > T_at_level

Detailed Description

Object detector using the LINE template matching algorithm with any set of modalities.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<Mat> cv::linemod::Detector::LinearMemories
typedef std::vector< std::vector<LinearMemories> > cv::linemod::Detector::LinearMemoryPyramid
typedef std::vector<Template> cv::linemod::Detector::TemplatePyramid
typedef std::map<String, std::vector<TemplatePyramid> > cv::linemod::Detector::TemplatesMap

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cv::linemod::Detector::Detector ( )

Empty constructor, initialize with read().

cv::linemod::Detector::Detector ( const std::vector< Ptr< Modality > > &  modalities,
const std::vector< int > &  T_pyramid 


modalitiesModalities to use (color gradients, depth normals, ...).
T_pyramidValue of the sampling step T at each pyramid level. The number of pyramid levels is T_pyramid.size().

Member Function Documentation

int cv::linemod::Detector::addSyntheticTemplate ( const std::vector< Template > &  templates,
const String class_id 

Add a new object template computed by external means.

int cv::linemod::Detector::addTemplate ( const std::vector< Mat > &  sources,
const String class_id,
const Mat object_mask,
Rect bounding_box = NULL 

Add new object template.

sourcesSource images, one for each modality.
class_idObject class ID.
object_maskMask separating object from background.
[out]bounding_boxOptionally return bounding box of the extracted features.
Template ID, or -1 if failed to extract a valid template.
std::vector<String> cv::linemod::Detector::classIds ( ) const
const std::vector< Ptr<Modality> >& cv::linemod::Detector::getModalities ( ) const

Get the modalities used by this detector.

You are not permitted to add/remove modalities, but you may dynamic_cast them to tweak parameters.

int cv::linemod::Detector::getT ( int  pyramid_level) const

Get sampling step T at pyramid_level.

const std::vector<Template>& cv::linemod::Detector::getTemplates ( const String class_id,
int  template_id 
) const

Get the template pyramid identified by template_id.

For example, with 2 modalities (Gradient, Normal) and two pyramid levels (L0, L1), the order is (GradientL0, NormalL0, GradientL1, NormalL1).

void cv::linemod::Detector::match ( const std::vector< Mat > &  sources,
float  threshold,
std::vector< Match > &  matches,
const std::vector< String > &  class_ids = std::vector< String >(),
OutputArrayOfArrays  quantized_images = noArray(),
const std::vector< Mat > &  masks = std::vector< Mat >() 
) const

Detect objects by template matching.

Matches globally at the lowest pyramid level, then refines locally stepping up the pyramid.

sourcesSource images, one for each modality.
thresholdSimilarity threshold, a percentage between 0 and 100.
[out]matchesTemplate matches, sorted by similarity score.
class_idsIf non-empty, only search for the desired object classes.
[out]quantized_imagesOptionally return vector<Mat> of quantized images.
masksThe masks for consideration during matching. The masks should be CV_8UC1 where 255 represents a valid pixel. If non-empty, the vector must be the same size as sources. Each element must be empty or the same size as its corresponding source.
void cv::linemod::Detector::matchClass ( const LinearMemoryPyramid lm_pyramid,
const std::vector< Size > &  sizes,
float  threshold,
std::vector< Match > &  matches,
const String class_id,
const std::vector< TemplatePyramid > &  template_pyramids 
) const
int cv::linemod::Detector::numClasses ( ) const
int cv::linemod::Detector::numTemplates ( ) const
int cv::linemod::Detector::numTemplates ( const String class_id) const
int cv::linemod::Detector::pyramidLevels ( ) const

Get number of pyramid levels used by this detector.

void cv::linemod::Detector::read ( const FileNode fn)
String cv::linemod::Detector::readClass ( const FileNode fn,
const String class_id_override = "" 
void cv::linemod::Detector::readClasses ( const std::vector< String > &  class_ids,
const String format = "templates_%s.yml.gz" 
void cv::linemod::Detector::write ( FileStorage fs) const
void cv::linemod::Detector::writeClass ( const String class_id,
FileStorage fs 
) const
void cv::linemod::Detector::writeClasses ( const String format = "templates_%s.yml.gz") const

Member Data Documentation

TemplatesMap cv::linemod::Detector::class_templates
std::vector< Ptr<Modality> > cv::linemod::Detector::modalities
int cv::linemod::Detector::pyramid_levels
std::vector<int> cv::linemod::Detector::T_at_level

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