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cv::RotatedRect Class Reference

The class represents rotated (i.e. not up-right) rectangles on a plane. More...

#include "types.hpp"

Public Member Functions

 RotatedRect ()
 various constructors More...
 RotatedRect (const Point2f &center, const Size2f &size, float angle)
 RotatedRect (const Point2f &point1, const Point2f &point2, const Point2f &point3)
Rect boundingRect () const
 returns the minimal up-right rectangle containing the rotated rectangle More...
void points (Point2f pts[]) const

Public Attributes

float angle
Point2f center
Size2f size

Detailed Description

The class represents rotated (i.e. not up-right) rectangles on a plane.

Each rectangle is specified by the center point (mass center), length of each side (represented by cv::Size2f structure) and the rotation angle in degrees.

The sample below demonstrates how to use RotatedRect:

Mat image(200, 200, CV_8UC3, Scalar(0));
RotatedRect rRect = RotatedRect(Point2f(100,100), Size2f(100,50), 30);
Point2f vertices[4];
for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++)
line(image, vertices[i], vertices[(i+1)%4], Scalar(0,255,0));
Rect brect = rRect.boundingRect();
rectangle(image, brect, Scalar(255,0,0));
imshow("rectangles", image);
See also
CamShift, fitEllipse, minAreaRect, CvBox2D
fitellipse.cpp, and minarea.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cv::RotatedRect::RotatedRect ( )

various constructors

cv::RotatedRect::RotatedRect ( const Point2f center,
const Size2f size,
float  angle 
centerThe rectangle mass center.
sizeWidth and height of the rectangle.
angleThe rotation angle in a clockwise direction. When the angle is 0, 90, 180, 270 etc., the rectangle becomes an up-right rectangle.
cv::RotatedRect::RotatedRect ( const Point2f point1,
const Point2f point2,
const Point2f point3 

Any 3 end points of the RotatedRect. They must be given in order (either clockwise or anticlockwise).

Member Function Documentation

Rect cv::RotatedRect::boundingRect ( ) const

returns the minimal up-right rectangle containing the rotated rectangle

void cv::RotatedRect::points ( Point2f  pts[]) const

returns 4 vertices of the rectangle

ptsThe points array for storing rectangle vertices.
fitellipse.cpp, and minarea.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

float cv::RotatedRect::angle
Point2f cv::RotatedRect::center
Size2f cv::RotatedRect::size

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