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Video reader interface. More...

#include "cudacodec.hpp"

Public Member Functions

virtual ~VideoReader ()
virtual FormatInfo format () const =0
 Returns information about video file format. More...
virtual bool nextFrame (OutputArray frame)=0
 Grabs, decodes and returns the next video frame. More...

Detailed Description

Video reader interface.

  • An example on how to use the videoReader class can be found at opencv_source_code/samples/gpu/video_reader.cpp

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual cv::cudacodec::VideoReader::~VideoReader ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual FormatInfo cv::cudacodec::VideoReader::format ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns information about video file format.

virtual bool cv::cudacodec::VideoReader::nextFrame ( OutputArray  frame)
pure virtual

Grabs, decodes and returns the next video frame.

If no frames has been grabbed (there are no more frames in video file), the methods return false . The method throws Exception if error occurs.

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