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cv::viz::MouseEvent Class Reference

This class represents a mouse event. More...

#include "types.hpp"

Public Types

enum  MouseButton {
  NoButton = 0,
enum  Type {
  MouseMove = 1,

Public Member Functions

 MouseEvent (const Type &type, const MouseButton &button, const Point &pointer, int modifiers)
 Constructs a MouseEvent. More...

Public Attributes

MouseButton button
int modifiers
Point pointer
Type type

Detailed Description

This class represents a mouse event.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cv::viz::MouseEvent::MouseEvent ( const Type type,
const MouseButton button,
const Point pointer,
int  modifiers 

Constructs a MouseEvent.

typeType of the event. This can be MouseMove, MouseButtonPress, MouseButtonRelease**, MouseScrollDown, MouseScrollUp, MouseDblClick.
buttonMouse button. This can be NoButton, LeftButton, MiddleButton, RightButton**, VScroll.
pointerPosition of the event.
modifiersSignals if alt, ctrl or shift are pressed or their combination.

Member Data Documentation

MouseButton cv::viz::MouseEvent::button
int cv::viz::MouseEvent::modifiers
Point cv::viz::MouseEvent::pointer
Type cv::viz::MouseEvent::type

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