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CvFileNode Struct Reference

#include "types_c.h"

Public Attributes

union {
   double   f
   int   i
   CvFileNodeHash *   map
   CvSeq *   seq
   CvString   str
struct CvTypeInfoinfo
int tag

Detailed Description

Basic element of the file storage - scalar or collection:

Member Data Documentation

union { ... } CvFileNode::data
double CvFileNode::f

scalar floating-point number

int CvFileNode::i

scalar integer number

struct CvTypeInfo* CvFileNode::info

type information (only for user-defined object, for others it is 0)

CvFileNodeHash* CvFileNode::map

map (collection of named file nodes)

CvSeq* CvFileNode::seq

sequence (ordered collection of file nodes)

CvString CvFileNode::str

text string

int CvFileNode::tag

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