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mat.hpp File Reference
#include "opencv2/core/matx.hpp"
#include "opencv2/core/types.hpp"
#include "opencv2/core/bufferpool.hpp"
#include "opencv2/core/mat.inl.hpp"


class  cv::_InputArray
 This is the proxy class for passing read-only input arrays into OpenCV functions. More...
class  cv::_InputOutputArray
class  cv::_OutputArray
 This type is very similar to InputArray except that it is used for input/output and output function parameters. More...
struct  cv::SparseMat::Hdr
 the sparse matrix header More...
class  cv::Mat
 n-dimensional dense array class More...
class  cv::Mat_< _Tp >
 Template matrix class derived from Mat. More...
class  cv::MatAllocator
 Custom array allocator. More...
class  cv::MatCommaInitializer_< _Tp >
 Comma-separated Matrix Initializer. More...
class  cv::MatConstIterator
class  cv::MatConstIterator_< _Tp >
 Matrix read-only iterator. More...
class  cv::MatExpr
 Matrix expression representation. More...
class  cv::MatIterator_< _Tp >
 Matrix read-write iterator. More...
class  cv::MatOp
struct  cv::MatSize
struct  cv::MatStep
class  cv::NAryMatIterator
 n-ary multi-dimensional array iterator. More...
struct  cv::SparseMat::Node
 sparse matrix node - element of a hash table More...
class  cv::SparseMat
 The class SparseMat represents multi-dimensional sparse numerical arrays. More...
class  cv::SparseMat_< _Tp >
 Template sparse n-dimensional array class derived from SparseMat. More...
class  cv::SparseMatConstIterator
 Read-Only Sparse Matrix Iterator. More...
class  cv::SparseMatConstIterator_< _Tp >
 Template Read-Only Sparse Matrix Iterator Class. More...
class  cv::SparseMatIterator
 Read-write Sparse Matrix Iterator. More...
class  cv::SparseMatIterator_< _Tp >
 Template Read-Write Sparse Matrix Iterator Class. More...
class  cv::UMat
struct  cv::UMatData
struct  cv::UMatDataAutoLock




typedef const _InputArray & cv::InputArray
typedef InputArray cv::InputArrayOfArrays
typedef const _InputOutputArray & cv::InputOutputArray
typedef InputOutputArray cv::InputOutputArrayOfArrays
typedef Mat_< ucharcv::Mat1b
typedef Mat_< double > cv::Mat1d
typedef Mat_< float > cv::Mat1f
typedef Mat_< int > cv::Mat1i
typedef Mat_< short > cv::Mat1s
typedef Mat_< ushortcv::Mat1w
typedef Mat_< Vec2b > cv::Mat2b
typedef Mat_< Vec2d > cv::Mat2d
typedef Mat_< Vec2f > cv::Mat2f
typedef Mat_< Vec2i > cv::Mat2i
typedef Mat_< Vec2s > cv::Mat2s
typedef Mat_< Vec2w > cv::Mat2w
typedef Mat_< Vec3b > cv::Mat3b
typedef Mat_< Vec3d > cv::Mat3d
typedef Mat_< Vec3f > cv::Mat3f
typedef Mat_< Vec3i > cv::Mat3i
typedef Mat_< Vec3s > cv::Mat3s
typedef Mat_< Vec3w > cv::Mat3w
typedef Mat_< Vec4b > cv::Mat4b
typedef Mat_< Vec4d > cv::Mat4d
typedef Mat_< Vec4f > cv::Mat4f
typedef Mat_< Vec4i > cv::Mat4i
typedef Mat_< Vec4s > cv::Mat4s
typedef Mat_< Vec4w > cv::Mat4w
typedef const _OutputArray & cv::OutputArray
typedef OutputArray cv::OutputArrayOfArrays


enum  {
  cv::ACCESS_READ =1<<24,
  cv::ACCESS_WRITE =1<<25,
  cv::ACCESS_RW =3<<24,
  cv::ACCESS_FAST =1<<26
enum  cv::UMatUsageFlags {
  cv::USAGE_DEFAULT = 0,
  cv::__UMAT_USAGE_FLAGS_32BIT = 0x7fffffff
 Usage flags for allocator. More...


InputOutputArray cv::noArray ()