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Video writer interface. More...

#include "cudacodec.hpp"

Public Member Functions

virtual ~VideoWriter ()
virtual EncoderParams getEncoderParams () const =0
virtual void write (InputArray frame, bool lastFrame=false)=0
 Writes the next video frame. More...

Detailed Description

Video writer interface.

The implementation uses H264 video codec.

Currently only Windows platform is supported.
  • An example on how to use the videoWriter class can be found at opencv_source_code/samples/gpu/video_writer.cpp

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual cv::cudacodec::VideoWriter::~VideoWriter ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual EncoderParams cv::cudacodec::VideoWriter::getEncoderParams ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual void cv::cudacodec::VideoWriter::write ( InputArray  frame,
bool  lastFrame = false 
pure virtual

Writes the next video frame.

frameThe written frame.
lastFrameIndicates that it is end of stream. The parameter can be ignored.

The method write the specified image to video file. The image must have the same size and the same surface format as has been specified when opening the video writer.

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