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Make a Plan

Install Pentaho Software

Configure Pentaho Systems

Walk-Through Tutorials

Build Full-Featured Solutions

  • Define Initial Data Models
    Task-based documentation for creating initial data models using the Data Source Wizard in the Pentaho User Console.
  • Create Analysis, Interactive Reports, and Dashboards
    Task-based documentation for the Pentaho User Console, Analyzer, Interactive Reporting, Dashboard Designer, and system administration features.
  • Design Print-Quality Reports
    Task-based documentation about creating, editing, and publishing reports with Report Designer. Includes a complete chart property reference.
  • Create DI Solutions
    Task-based documentation covering Pentaho Data Integration features.
  • Work with Big Data
    How to configure Pentaho Data Integration for various Hadoop distributions, along with procedural documentation about how to use the Big Data steps and entries.

Create and Refine Advanced Data Models

Fine-Tune Pentaho Systems

  • Administer BA Server
    Explains system administration tasks for the Business Analytics Server.
  • Define BA Server Advanced Security
    Instructions and guidance for implementing a different user authentication providers, or for implementing SSL on the Business Analytics Server. Covers Active Directory, LDAP, single sign-on, and custom JDBC authentication.
  • Optimize BA Server Performance
    Guidance and instructions for improving performance in most areas of Business Analytics. Covers modification of Business Analytics, guidelines for content streamlining, application server clustering, and advice on performance monitoring and testing.
  • Troubleshoot BA Server Issues
    A collection of troubleshooting topics for the Business Analytics Server and tools. You may find this useful if you have encountered an error but do not know where in Business Analytics to look for the cause.
  • Administer DI Server
    Explains system administration tasks for the Data Integration Server.

Develop Custom Solutions

  • Create Custom Dashboards
    Design theory for creating dashboards that use Pentaho content. Covers Pentaho Dashboard Designer, Community Dashboard Framework (CDF), and basic guidance for custom JSPs.
  • Customize User Console and Tools
    Instructions for localization and basic customization of the Pentaho User Console, including Analyzer, Interactive Reporting, and Dashboard Designer.
  • Embed BA into Web Applications
    Code samples and URL parameter reference material that shows how to interact with or embed (in an existing Web application) Pentaho Analyzer, Dashboard Designer, and Interactive Reporting.
  • Embed and Extend Reporting
    Code samples and instructions that for how to extend reporting functionality or embed the reporting engine into your own applications.
  • Embed and Extend DI
    Instructions, Java classes and methods, as well as Eclipse-based sample plugin projects that show you how to programmatically extend Data Integration functionality or embed the Data Integration engine into your own applications.