15.4. Zend_Service_Flickr

15.4.1. Introduction to Searching Flickr

Zend_Service_Flickr is a simple API for using the Flickr REST Web Service. In order to use the Flickr web services, you must have an API key. To obtain a key and for more information about the Flickr REST Web Service, please visit the Flickr API Documentation.

In the following example, we use the tagSearch() method to search for photos having "php" in the tags.

Przykład 15.8. Simple Flickr Photo Search

require_once 'Zend/Service/Flickr.php';

$flickr = new Zend_Service_Flickr('MY_API_KEY');

$results = $flickr->tagSearch("php");

foreach ($results as $result) {
    echo $result->title . '<br />';
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tagSearch() accepts an optional second parameter as an array of options.

15.4.2. Finding Flickr Users

Zend_Service_Flickr provides three various ways to get Flickr user information:

  • userSearch(): Accepts a string query of space-delimited tags and an optional second parameter as an array of search options, and returns a Zend_Service_Flickr_ResultSet object.
  • getIdByUsername(): Returns a string user ID associated with the given username string.
  • getIdByEmail(): Returns a string user ID associated with the given email address string.

Przykład 15.9. Finding a Flickr User by E-Mail Address

In this example, we have a Flickr user's e-mail address, and we fetch the user information by using the userSearch() method:

require_once 'Zend/Service/Flickr.php';

$flickr = new Zend_Service_Flickr('MY_API_KEY');

$results = $flickr->userSearch($userEmail);

foreach ($results as $result) {
    echo $result->title . '<br />';

15.4.3. Retrieving Flickr Image Details

Zend_Service_Flickr makes it quick and easy to get an image's details based on a given image ID. Just use the getImageDetails() method, as in the following example:

Przykład 15.10. Retrieving Flickr Image Details

Once you have a Flickr image ID, it is a simple matter to fetch information about the image:

require_once 'Zend/Service/Flickr.php';

$flickr = new Zend_Service_Flickr('MY_API_KEY');

$image = $flickr->getImageDetails($imageId);

echo "Image ID $imageId is $image->width x $image->height pixels.<br />\n";
echo "<a href=\"$image->clickUri\">Click for Image</a>\n";

15.4.4. Zend_Service_Flickr Classes

The following classes are all returned by tagSearch() and userSearch(): Zend_Service_Flickr_ResultSet

Represents a set of Results from a Flickr search.

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Implements the SeekableIterator for easy iteration (e.g., using foreach ), as well as direct access to a specific result using seek() . Properties

Tabela 15.10. Zend_Service_Flickr_ResultSet Properties

Name Type Description
totalResultsAvailable int Total Number of Results available
totalResultsReturned int Total Number of Results returned
firstResultPosition int The offset in the total result set of this result set Zend_Service_Flickr_ResultSet::totalResults()

int totalResults();

Returns the total number of results in this result set.

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A single Image result from a Flickr query Properties

Tabela 15.11. Zend_Service_Flickr_Result Properties

Name Type Description
id int Image ID
owner int The photo owner's NSID.
secret string A key used in url construction.
server string The servername to use for URL construction.
title string The photo's title.
ispublic boolean The photo is public.
isfriend boolean The photo is visible to you because you are a friend of the owner.
isfamily boolean The photo is visible to you because you are family of the owner.
license string The license the photo is available under.
date_upload string The date the photo was uploaded.
date_taken string The date the photo was taken.
owner_name string The screenname of the owner.
icon_server string The server used in assembling icon URLs.
Square Zend_Service_Flickr_Image A 75x75 thumbnail of the image.
Thumbnail Zend_Service_Flickr_Image A 100 pixel thumbnail of the image.
Small Zend_Service_Flickr_Image A 240 pixel version of the image.
Medium Zend_Service_Flickr_Image A 500 pixel version of the image.
Large Zend_Service_Flickr_Image A 640 pixel version of the image.
Original Zend_Service_Flickr_Image The original image.

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Represents an Image returned by a Flickr search. Properties

Tabela 15.12. Zend_Service_Flickr_Image Properties

Name Type Description
uri string URI for the original image
clickUri string Clickable URI (i.e. the Flickr page) for the image
width int Width of the Image
height int Height of the Image

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