Rozdział 15. Zend_Service

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15.1. Introduction
15.2. Zend_Service_Rest
15.2.1. Introduction
15.3. Zend_Service_Amazon
15.3.1. Introduction
15.3.2. Country Codes
15.3.3. Looking up a Specific Amazon Item by ASIN
15.3.4. Performing Amazon Item Searches
15.3.5. Using the Alternative Query API
15.3.6. Zend_Service_Amazon Classes
15.4. Zend_Service_Flickr
15.4.1. Introduction to Searching Flickr
15.4.2. Finding Flickr Users
15.4.3. Retrieving Flickr Image Details
15.4.4. Zend_Service_Flickr Classes
15.5. Zend_Service_Yahoo
15.5.1. Introduction
15.5.2. Searching the Web with Yahoo!
15.5.3. Finding Images with Yahoo!
15.5.4. Finding Local Businesses and Services with Yahoo!
15.5.5. Searching Yahoo! News
15.5.6. Zend_Service_Yahoo Classes

15.1. Introduction

Zend_Service is an abstract class which serves as a foundation for web service implementations (e.g. XML-RPC).

Zend_Service offers support for any REST-based web service through Zend_Service_Rest.

In addition to being able to extend the Zend_Service and use Zend_Service_Rest for REST-based web services, Zend also provides support for popular web services such as Amazon, Flickr, and Yahoo!. More may be added in the near future.