The QtDataVisualization module provides a way to visualize data in 3D as bar, scatter, and surface graphs. It is especially useful for visualizing depth maps and large quantities of rapidly changing data, such as data received from multiple sensors. The look and feel of graphs can be customized by using themes or by adding custom items and labels to them.


Q3DBars QAbstract3DGraph QCustom3DVolume QScatterDataProxy
Q3DCamera QAbstract3DInputHandler DrawFlags SelectionFlags
Q3DInputHandler QAbstract3DSeries QHeightMapSurfaceDataProxy QSurface3DSeries
Q3DLight QAbstractDataProxy QItemModelBarDataProxy QSurfaceDataItem
Q3DObject QBar3DSeries QItemModelScatterDataProxy QSurfaceDataProxy
Q3DScatter QBarDataItem QItemModelSurfaceDataProxy QTouch3DInputHandler
Q3DScene QBarDataProxy QLogValue3DAxisFormatter QValue3DAxis
Q3DSurface QCategory3DAxis OptimizationHints QValue3DAxisFormatter
Q3DTheme QCustom3DItem QScatter3DSeries
QAbstract3DAxis QCustom3DLabel QScatterDataItem