All of these modules are contained within the top-level PyQt5 package.

Enginio Classes for accessing Qt Cloud Services. (Deprecated)
QAxContainer Classes for accessing ActiveX controls and COM objects.
Qt A consolidation of other modules.
Qt3DCore The core classes to support near-realtime simulation systems.
Qt3DExtras Pre-built elements for use with Qt3D.
Qt3DInput Classes to handle user input when using Qt3D.
Qt3DLogic Classes that enable frame synchronization.
Qt3DRender Classes that enable 2D and 3D rendering.
QtBluetooth Classes to support connectivity between Bluetooth enabled devices.
QtChart Classes to support the creation of 2D charts.
QtCore The core Qt classes.
QtDBus Classes to support IPC using the D-Bus protocol.
QtDataVisualization Classes to support the visualization of data in 3D.
QtDesigner Classes to allow Qt Designer to be extended using Python.
QtGui The core classes common to widget and OpenGL GUIs.
QtHelp Classes for creating and viewing searchable documentation.
QtLocation Classes for creating mapping applications.
QtMacExtras Additional classes specific to macOS and iOS.
QtMultimedia Classes for multimedia content, cameras and radios.
QtMultimediaWidgets Provides additional multimedia related widgets and controls.
QtNetwork The core network classes.
QtNfc Classes to support connectivity between NFC enabled devices.
QtOpenGL Classes for rendering OpenGL in traditional widgets. (Deprecated)
QtPositioning Classes for obtaining positioning information from satellite, wifi etc.
QtPrintSupport Classes to make printing easier and more portable.
QtPurchasing Classes to support in-app purchasing from app stores.
QtQml Classes for integrating with the QML language.
QtQuick Classes for extending QML applications with Python code.
QtQuickWidgets Classes for rendering a QML scene in traditional widgets.
QtSensors Classes for accessing a system's hardware sensors.
QtSerialPort Classes for accessing a system's serial ports.
QtSql Classes for integrating with SQL databases.
QtSvg Classes providing support for SVG.
QtTest Support for unit testing of GUI applications.
QtWebChannel Classes for peer-to-peer communication between Python and HTML/JavaScript.
QtWebEngine Classes for integrating QML Web Engine objects with Python.
QtWebEngineCore The core Web Engine classes.
QtWebEngineWidgets A Chromium based web browser.
QtWebKit A WebKit2 based web browser. (Deprecated)
QtWebKitWidgets A WebKit1 based web browser. (Deprecated)
QtWebSockets Classes that implement the WebSocket protocol.
QtWidgets Classes for creating classic desktop-style UIs.
QtWinExtras Additional classes specific to Windows.
QtX11Extras Additional classes specific to X11.
QtXml Classes for supporting SAX and DOM interfaces to XML.
QtXmlPatterns Classes that support additional XML technologies.
uic Classes for handling the files created by Qt Designer.