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Grouped Classes

This page provides a way of navigating Qt's classes by grouping related classes together. Some classes may appear in more than one group.

Abstract Widget ClassesAbstract widget classes usable through subclassing.
Accessibility ClassesClasses that provide support for accessibility.
Advanced WidgetsAdvanced GUI widgets such as tab widgets and progress bars.
Basic WidgetsBasic GUI widgets such as buttons, comboboxes and scrollbars.
Database ClassesDatabase related classes, e.g. for SQL databases.
Date and Time ClassesClasses for handling date and time.
Desktop Environment ClassesClasses for interacting with the user's desktop environment.
Drag and DropClasses dealing with drag and drop and mime type encoding and decoding.
Environment ClassesClasses providing various global services such as event handling, access to system settings and internationalization.
Event ClassesClasses used to create and handle events.
Non-GUI ClassesCollection classes such as list, queue, stack and string, along with other classes that can be used without needing QApplication.
Multimedia, Graphics, and PrintingClasses that provide support for graphics (2D, and with OpenGL, 3D), image encoding, decoding, and manipulation, sound, animation, printing, etc.
Help SystemClasses used to provide online-help for applications.
Layout ManagementClasses handling automatic resizing and moving of widgets, for composing complex dialogs.
Shared ClassesClasses that use reference counting for fast copying.
Input/Output and NetworkingClasses providing file input and output along with directory and network handling.
Main Window and Related ClassesEverything you need for a typical modern main application window, including menus, toolbars, workspace, etc.
Miscellaneous ClassesVarious other useful classes.
Model/View ClassesClasses that use the model/view design pattern.
Object ModelThe Qt GUI toolkit's underlying object model.
OrganizersUser interface organizers such as splitters, tab bars, button groups, etc.
Plugin ClassesPlugin related classes.
Standard Dialog ClassesReady-made dialogs for file, font, color selection and more.
Generic ContainersQt's template-based container classes.
Text Related ClassesClasses for text processing. (See also XML Classes.)
Threading ClassesClasses that provide threading support.
Widget Appearance and StyleAppearance customization with styles, fonts, colors etc.
XML ClassesClasses that support XML, via, for example DOM and SAX.
Qtopia Core ClassesClasses that are specific to Qtopia Core (Qt for embedded Linux).

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