Red Hat Database

Getting Started / Installation Guide

Table of Contents
1. Before You Begin
Step 1 – Verify the Box Contents
Step 2 – Verify that Your System has a CD-ROM Drive
Step 3 – Verify that Your System Can Run Red Hat Database
Step 4 – Confirm that Your System is Running Red Hat Linux 7.1
Step 5 – Verify that Your System has Enough Disk Space
Step 6 – Are You Already Using PostgreSQL?
Step 7 – Choose the Type of Installation
2. Installing Red Hat Database
Performing the Installation Using the GUI
Performing the Installation Using the Text-Mode Installer
The Installation Program User Interface
Performing the Installation
3. The Post-Installer
Remember to Register
4. Troubleshooting Your Installation
A. Building and Installing the Red Hat Database
Required Software Tools
Required Disk Space
Installation Procedure
Step 1: Obtain the Source
Step 2: Configure the Source Tree
Step 3: Start the Build
Step 4: Perform Regression Tests
Step 5: Install the Files
Post-Installation Setup
Environment Variables
Next Steps
B. Regression Tests
Test Evaluation
Error Message Differences
Locale Differences
Date and Time Differences
The "Random" Test