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The languages statement lists the languages supported by the SIS file. It is a comma separated list of language identifiers, preceded by an ampersand character. It takes the form:

    &lang-code [(dialect-ID)], lang-code [(dialect-ID)], ...

where lang-code can be any of the two character language abbreviations defined in this table. Dialects can be optionally added as a number, defined by the licensee, in parentheses after a lang-code.

For example:


In all of the following PKG statements, the number of text strings should match the number of languages specified in the languages line:

In the example below, three languages are listed in the languages line: English, French, and Zulu. In the localised vendor name and package header, three names are given, one for each language and in the install file line, three text files are given, one for each language.


%{"Vendorname-EN", "Vendorname-FR, Vendorname-ZU"}

#{"MyApp-EN", "MyApp-FR", "MyApp-ZU"}, (0x1000001F), 1, 2, 3, TYPE=SA

{"text\englishfile.txt" "text\frenchfile.txt" "text\zulufile.txt"} - "C:\private\E800005A\file.txt"