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Package file format

A package (PKG) file is a text file containing statements that define the information required by the installation (SIS) file creation utility, MakeSIS .

The PKG file format, which is described in modified BNF notation, can be broken down into the following items:

The same list with further details:

Item/Statement Description Example


List of languages provided by the SIS file.

The supported languages and their abbreviations are defined in the language code table .



Component name, UID, major version, minor version, build number and options

#{"MyApp-EN", "MyApp-FR"}, (0x1000001F), 1, 2, 3, TYPE=SA


%{"Vendor-EN", ..., "Vendor-FR"}
:"Unique vendor name"


Defines the logo using file, MIME-type, and optional target



Private key file and associated certificates used for signature. Note that this is deprecated from v9.1 onwards.



; this is a comment
IF (some_condition) ... package-body ... ENDIF
!({"Add-on 1 (20KB)"},{"Add-on 2 (75KB)"})


  • dependency on another component not embedded in the SIS file (UID contained in round brackets)

  • dependency on specific target hardware/UI platform (UID contained in square brackets)

(0x10000003), 2, 2, 3, {"Depend-EN", "Depend-FR"}
[0x101F61CE], *, *, *, {"UIQ21ProductID"}


Defines the properties of the package


All PKG and text files parsed by makesis may be in either UTF8 or UNICODE format. UTF8 text is converted to UNICODE when creating a UNICODE SIS file. Both little-endian and big-endian UNICODE files may be used; automatic conversion is performed by makesis as appropriate.

Characters may be included within strings using an escape syntax. The following examples from a package-header add a "™" symbol to the end of the application name (for decimal and hexadecimal respectively):

    #{"MyApp"<153>}, ...

    #{"MyApp"<0x99>}, ...

A numeric character code should be specified outside any double quotes and enclosed by "<" and ">" characters.

Each PKG item/statement may be spread over multiple lines if desired.

For example PKG files see: