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CreateSIS - Wrapper for MakeSIS, SignSIS and MakeKeys



CreateSIS is a wrapper around around the PC tools MakeSIS, SignSIS and MakeKeys to facilitate the generation and signing of appropriate SIS files. The user may supply a key/certificate pair with which to sign the file or, in the event no such appropriate pair is provided, the tool shall generate a self-signed certificate and matching key for this purpose.

If a self-signed certificate is generated, the Distinguished Name (DN) details may be supplied by the user, or automatically generated from details in the package file. In either event, the DN shall include a randomly generated element to uniquely identify the certificate DN.

Note that since v9.1, SIS file signing is mandatory. Installation of untrusted applications is still allowed and a means of better identifying them for later revocation is provided in the event that this becomes necessary.

Createsis shall support the command line options specified below:



The following diagram shows how the PC based tool (CreateSIS) is used to construct an installation package (SIS file) from component files, using instructions detailed in a PKG file, and sign it.


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