FBX Importer, Rig options

The Rig tab allows you to assign or create an avatar definition to your imported skinned model so that you can animate it - see Asset Preparation and Import

If you have a humanoid character e.g. a biped (two legs) that has two arms and a head, then choose Humanoid and 'Create from this model' an Avatar will be created to best match the bone hierarchy - see Avatar Creation and Setup or you can pick an alternative avatar Definition that has already been set up.

If you have a non humanoid character e.g. a quadruped, or any animateable entity that you wish to use with Mecanim choose Generic after choosing you will then need to identify a bone in the drop down to choose as the root node.

Choose legacy if you wish to use the legacy animation system and import and use animations as with 3.x

Animation TypeThe type of animation.
NoneNo animation present
LegacyLegacy animation system
GenericGeneric Mecanim animation
HumanoidHumanoid Mecanim animation system
Avatar DefinitionWhere to get the Avatar definition
Create from this modelThe Avatar should be based on this model
Copy from other AvatarPoint to an Avatar config set up on another model.
Configure...Go to the Avatar configuration
Keep additional bones 

Page last updated: 2013-08-06