Version: 3.0.2
wxFileDataObject Class Reference

#include <wx/dataobj.h>

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Detailed Description

wxFileDataObject is a specialization of wxDataObject for file names.

The program works with it just as if it were a list of absolute file names, but internally it uses the same format as Explorer and other compatible programs under Windows or GNOME/KDE filemanager under Unix which makes it possible to receive files from them using this class.

Under all non-Windows platforms this class is currently "input-only", i.e. you can receive the files from another application, but copying (or dragging) file(s) from a wxWidgets application is not currently supported. PS: GTK2 should work as well.

Library:  wxCore
Category:  Clipboard and Drag & Drop
See Also
wxDataObject, wxDataObjectSimple, wxTextDataObject, wxBitmapDataObject, wxDataObject

Public Member Functions

 wxFileDataObject ()
void AddFile (const wxString &file)
 Adds a file to the file list represented by this data object (Windows only).
const wxArrayStringGetFilenames () const
 Returns the array of file names.
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxDataObjectSimple
 wxDataObjectSimple (const wxDataFormat &format=wxFormatInvalid)
 Constructor accepts the supported format (none by default) which may also be set later with SetFormat().
virtual bool GetDataHere (void *buf) const
 Copy the data to the buffer, return true on success.
virtual size_t GetDataSize () const
 Gets the size of our data.
const wxDataFormatGetFormat () const
 Returns the (one and only one) format supported by this object.
virtual bool SetData (size_t len, const void *buf)
 Copy the data from the buffer, return true on success.
void SetFormat (const wxDataFormat &format)
 Sets the supported format.
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxDataObject
 wxDataObject ()
virtual ~wxDataObject ()
virtual void GetAllFormats (wxDataFormat *formats, Direction dir=Get) const =0
 Copies all formats supported in the given direction dir to the array pointed to by formats.
virtual bool GetDataHere (const wxDataFormat &format, void *buf) const =0
 The method will write the data of the format format to the buffer buf.
virtual size_t GetDataSize (const wxDataFormat &format) const =0
 Returns the data size of the given format format.
virtual size_t GetFormatCount (Direction dir=Get) const =0
 Returns the number of available formats for rendering or setting the data.
virtual wxDataFormat GetPreferredFormat (Direction dir=Get) const =0
 Returns the preferred format for either rendering the data (if dir is Get, its default value) or for setting it.
virtual bool SetData (const wxDataFormat &format, size_t len, const void *buf)
 Set the data in the format format of the length len provided in the buffer buf.
bool IsSupported (const wxDataFormat &format, Direction dir=Get) const
 Returns true if this format is supported.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from wxDataObject
enum  Direction {
  Get = 0x01,
  Set = 0x02,
  Both = 0x03

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxFileDataObject::wxFileDataObject ( )


Member Function Documentation

void wxFileDataObject::AddFile ( const wxString file)

Adds a file to the file list represented by this data object (Windows only).

const wxArrayString& wxFileDataObject::GetFilenames ( ) const

Returns the array of file names.